Stone Sour - Absolute Zero: Stone Sour - Gone Sovereign/Absolute Zero, Stone Sour - Gone Sovereign ᴴᴰ Absolute Zero, Stone Sour - Gone Sovereign &

Stone Sour - Absolute Zero

люблю его гениальность к самоиронии
Corey Taylor videos - - информация об исполнителе
Стон Соур(солист слип кнот)Сольная карьера.Два клипа в одном.
два клипа в одном
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Rock On The Range (2013).
Кто не в курсе Stone Sour альбом House of Gold and Bones pt.1
Данная версия, с лирикой, лично мне нравится больше, чем официальные клипы. Атмосфернее что ли....
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Stone Sour
House of Gold & Bones Part 1
The official lyric video for "Gone Sovereign" and "Absolute Zero". The first two tracks from House of Gold and Bones - Part 1, the new Stone Sour album. Coming October 23, 2012.
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Stone Sour
House of Gold Bones Part 1
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Stone Sour Live am 04.12.2012 in der Berliner Columbiahalle mit den beiden Songs Gone Sovereign Absolute Zero

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Stone Sour "House of Gold Bones Part 1"
"Gone Sovereign / Absolute Zero" iTunes:
STONE SOUR "Gone Sovereign" / "Absolute Zero" Official Lyric Video HD
Aus dem neuen Album "House Of Gold Bones Part 1" VÖ: 19.10.2012

The first part of new, two-disc Stone Sour album House Of Gold And Bones is released via Roadrunner this October, and we've got a special lyric video encompassing TWO new songs!

Check out Gone Sovereign and Absolute Zero...

"Absolute Zero", видео STONE SOUR.
Stone Sour kicks off Rock on the Range weekend in Columbus, OH
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Сольный проект "Всё [TG] отлично!"

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Stone Sour en el Maquinaria Festival el dia Jueves 8 de Noviembre en el Club GEBA de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Helsinki Finland Suomi Hietaniemi
26 June
Corey Taylor
Artist:Stone Sour
Album:House Of Gold And Bones Part 1
Genre:Hard Rock
Year A...
The videos for "Gone Sovereign" and "Absolute Zero" as they're meant to be seen - together.

Buy House of Gold Bones Part 1 Now:

Stone Sour's video for 'Gone Sovereign/Absolute Zero' from the album, House of Gold & Bones, Pt. 1 - available now on Roadrunner Records. Buy the a...
You can now watch Stone Sour 'Gone Sovereign Absolute Zero' back to back as they were originally intended! Watch the story unfold pick up the album 'House Of Gold Bones Pt. 1' right here
Stone Sour - Gone Sovereign, Absolute Zero (Prague - Lucerna - 20. 06. 2013)

The first music from Stone Sour's new album, "House of Gold and Bones Part 1," coming October 23 from Roadrunner Records.
"Gone Sovereign" and "Absolute Zero". The first two tracks from House of Gold and Bones - Part 1, the new Stone Sour album. Coming October 2012.
Sick ass thick 4 on the floor drumming. New single from stone sour. If I offend you then you needed it.

Guitar - Cort g110
Using Guitar Rig and Reaper

Stone Sour - Absolute Zero ( HoGaB ) With Lyrics ( Slipknot Maggots )
The bloody angle
The symmetry
Your cheap adhesilism holding me
My mouth is a gun I can shoot
I can show you the truth
And I don't need a reason to lie to you
No pun intended
No punishment
If I offended you, you needed it!
I dish all the bullets in your mind
A fissure in time
If you don't have a weapon,
You can't have mine!

I can bleed if I wann
Austria Halle Gasometer; Vienna

Группа о Rammstein,Slipknot,Stone Sour And SOAD -

SO IT BEGINS!!! I am a huge fan of SS and this new album blew me the hell away!!! So as a tribute to them, I'm building The House of Gold and Bones!! I've recorded the whole album and will release a new song each week up until the release of House of Gold and Bones part 2!! Hopefully you guys like, and tell me what you think! Leave some comments! Share the video and sub to my channel to get all the newest videos too!! Thanks so muc
So good, I had to do both at the same time.

Absolute Zero: 4:03
Группа ВК Anime<AMV>Land

Anime : Black Lagoon
Music : Stone Sour - Absolute Zero
Stone Sour - Gone Sovereign + Absolute Zero (20.06.2013 - Live in Prague, Lucerna Velky Sal, CZ)
Stone Sour singing Gone Sovereign and Absolute Zero at o2 Bournemouth. Sorry about the sound it was way to loud for my camera to handle :). You have to turn the volume up to max.

Performance do Stone Sour no ano de 2013 no Revolver Golden Gods.
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Stone Sour - Absolute Zero - Live @ Piere's 1/26/2013, Ft. Wayne, Indiana.
Video - Sony Cybershot DSC-HX30V.

Stone Sour - Absolute Zero @Live Club Nokia 2013 HD

Club Nokia, Los Angeles, CA, USA

All rights reserved to Stone Sour and AXSTV.<br/><br/>
A great footage of Roy Mayorga, drummer for Stone Sour playing Gone Sovereign and Absolute Zero Live in Bologna!

Instinct initially attracted Roy Mayorga to the drums. As a result, his playing remains primal, passionate, and powerful.

The Stone Sour drummer became inexplicably drawn to the instrument almost in tandem with taking his first steps. He recalls pounding away on his mother's pots and pans as a child, developing a natural concept of rhythm at a very young age. At the same time, he a
Stone Sour performing Gone Sovereign and Absolute Zero at Fort Rock, Fort Meyers, FL 2013

Their last songs of the night, Stone Sour performing "Gone Sovereign / Absolute Zero" at the Ogden Theater.

я люблю тебя, Кори Тейлор
STONE SOUR - "Absolute Zero" Official Video
aus dem neuen Album "House of Gold & Bones Part 1" - out now!
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On August 24, 2012, Stone Sour released both "Gone Sovereign" and "Absolute Zero". On October 11, 2012.
Rock Sound from the UK gave the album 8 out of 10 and said "songs like roof-raising anthem 'Absolute Zero', the frenetic, thrashy 'RU 486' and acoustic lament 'Taciturn' deserve to be heard within the context of the entirety of this mightily ambitious, versatile record."
Stone Sour - "Absolute Zero" Live @ Club Nokia, Los Angeles, CA 2/13/2013
I probably shouldn't have played this on old ratty strings, but I needed to get it out of me.

Here the official video of "absolute zero" by stone sour, "the house of gold and bones part 1"

I don't own the copyrights, all the rights belongs stone sour WMG 2012

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The bloody angle, The symmetry
Your cheap adhesive isn't holding me
My mouth is a gun I can shoot
I can show you the truth
And I don't need a reason to lie to you
No pun intended, No punishment
If I offended you, you needed it!
Ideas a
Stone Sour "Absolute Zero" video ufficiale
"House of Gold Bones Part 1" out now!
Stone Sour kicks off their show at the Fillmore in Charlotte. Show stopped briefly due to technical difficulties and then restarted. Love how the band handled the sound issues and then went right back to work. Audio is bass heavy since we were right by the monitors, so sorry about that. Great show!

Stone Sour Live at Wooly's in Des Moines Iowa
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''Absolute Zero'' is the lead single from Stone Sour's new album ''House Of Gold Bones Part 1''.
Improv'd the shit out of the solo.

Absolute Zero, Stone Sour, Rams Head Live, Baltimore, Maryland, January 17th, 2014; The House of Gold and Bones US Winter Tour, 2nd song of the encore

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Stone Sour - Gone Sovereign/Absolute Zero
From their album House Of Gold & Bones Part 1
Released in 2012 through Roadrunner Records.

NOTE: I do not own these songs, and I dont claim to, the songs on this video are used for teaching, and are therefore under the right of fair use.

06 / 26 / 2013 - Rock The Beach, Hietaniemen Uimaranta, Helsinki.<br>© jjanitau (Front Row)
Stone Sour -- the band fronted by Corey Taylor of Slipknot infamy -- have a new album, House Of Gold Bones -- Part One, due out this month. We've got an exclusive clip of Taylor talking about the first single from the album: Gone Sovereign b/w Absolute Zero. Stone Sour performing the song Absolute Zero LIVE at Backstage Live in San Antonio, Tx. on February 15, 2014. Thanks for looking at my videos and SUBSCRIBE to my channel for the most up to date concert video uploads!

Stone Sour performing "Absolute Zero" at Tricky Falls. February 11, 2014
Here's three songs played by Stone Sour/Slipknot at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards Concert that was LIVE on May 2nd, 2013.
They play (in order): Gone Sovereign, Absolute Zero, and a live cover of Children of the Grave from Black Sabbath.

This was recorded and provided by Xbox Live Event Player.


Official snippet from Stone Sour's upcoming single ''Absolute Zero'' off of their new album ''House Of Gold Bones Part 1''

Stone Sour-Absolute Zero Drum Cover
From their album House Of Gold & Bones Part 1 (Roadrunner Records-2012)


Toontrack´s Ezdrummer Metal + Machine Expansion
TAMA Iron Cobra double pedal
Cubase 5
Roland TD-9 Vdrums
STONESOUR AbsoluteZero Fumie Abe Femal Japan Drumcover

Amp Rock TV presents 'The Words' - Stone Sour.

Directed by Tim Mattia.

Grabado por Manson Record en Maquinaria Sideshow Chile 2012 en el Teatro Caupolican el 06 de Noviembre del 2012
House of Blues Cleveland 1/24/2014
Corey Taylor videos -
#StoneSour & #Slipknot (Fenn & Clown) at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards Concert that was LIVE on May 2, 2013.
Gone Sovereign, Absolute Zero & Children of the Grave ( Black Sabbat cover)
вот такие клевые AMW вы сможете посмотреть в этой весьма на дурной а клевой и забавной группе
Stone Sour en el Teatro Caupolican en Santiago de Chile el 06/11/2012 en un recital para 2 mil personas, antes del Maquinaria Festival, un recital potente y Corey Taylor un Frontman sin igual

Stone Sour LIVE
Offenbach, Germany
Absolute Zero

Hard one to film!

Performed at the House of Blues in Boston, MA

Recorded using a Sony Cybershot DSC-HX100V Camera.
Stone Sour performing "Absolute Zero" Live @ the Marquee Theater in Tempe, AZ on 2-9-14! Sorry its just a clip. It was the last song & I really wanted 2 enjoy it & have fun!

House Of Blues , Anaheim,California February 7 2014

Stone Sour Live in San Antonio, Texas on February 15, 2014 at Backstage Live. The House of Gold and Bones US Tour.