Stone Sour - 30/30-150: Corey Taylor 30/30-150 (Stone Sour), Stone Sour - 30/30 150, Stone sour(Corey Taylor by Slipknot)-30-30-150, Stone Sour - 30/30/150,

Stone Sour - 30/30-150

У нас вы найдёте всё что вам интересно! и причём совершенно бесплатно! встурай в нашу групу не пожалеешь))
I am a dominant gene - Live as I die
Never say forever cause forever's a lie
I can see right through it so I can't ignore you
The story changes but the ending will bore you

I tried to tell you but you simply obeyed
They didn't listen so they threw you away

Now all you do is talk - I don't wanna hear your bullshit
Is this what you want?!

This is where it begins
This is where it ends
This is where it begins
And this is where it ends

They called us a dead generation, they told us that we wouldn't survive
They left us alone in the maelstrom
As you can see we're all plenty alive
We know where you are and were coming
Lets see you say that shit to our face

30/30-150 Remembers 30/30-150 HATES

........................ ◄╝ТОЛЬКО РОК !!!
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Stone Sour - 30/30-150

отличный музон, красивый клип
Обожаю эту песню! впрочем как и почти все песни Stone Sour.

Они назвали нас мертвым поколением,
Они сказали нам, что мы не выживем,
Они оставили нас одних в водовороте,
Как видишь, в большинстве мы живы.
Stone Sour - 30 30 150

Tokyo, Japan on August 12, 2006
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Tokyo, Japan

30/30-150 Live at Download 2010, Proshot Stone sour. Shown on NME TV UK. I do not claim copyright for this video and all copright belongs to the apropriate parties.30 30 150 30/30/150 30-30-150 the only other video is on my channel

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delay revised please watch this
o audio está atrasado ou adiantado noa sei direito D:

Grandissimo il rock degli Stone Sour a Milano
thank you Corey , thank you guys for you great performance at Alcatraz of Milan See you soon !!!

30/30-150, Stone Sour, Theatre of the Living Arts Philadelphia, January 19th, 2014; The House of Gold and Bones US Winter Tour

18.10.06 . Luzhniki Moscow , Russia

© 2006 Roadrunner Records

01 . 30/30-150
02 . Orchids
03 . Take A Number
04 . Reborn
05 . Your God
06 . Inhale
07 . Come What (ever) May
08 . Bother (Removed)
09 . Through Glass
10 . Blotter
11 . Hell and Consequences
12 . Get Inside

Download Festival
Donington, UK

16:9 Widescreen w/ Soundboard audio + Audience Audio

This was recorded in Romania @ Sonisphere,last show of the European tour.
I tried to fix the audio with some mastering but you can only do so much with the mic that comes with a FLIP VID. But I thought the vibe and energy was there in the footage and I wanted to share with -ENJOY!

All rights on the original song are reserved by Stone Sour.

Drop B tuning
Recorded using:
* Fender Jim Root Telecaster (Dean Markley strings 13-56)
* Maxon OD808 (drive: min, balance: 3, tone: noon)
* Orange TT15JR (7W mode, volume: 11, treble 2, mid 12, bass 2, gain 2)
* Yerasov Muffler 30 (Output: 1%)
* Marshall MHZ112A Cabinet with Celestion G12 Vintage 30 Speaker
* Shure SM57 (1cm left and 1cm down of the cone center)
* Sennheiser MD 421 (facing cone from the right, off-axis)
Stone Sour performing "30/30-150" at Tricky Falls February 11, 2014 (Sorry for the bad audio quality, I don't know why it came out like that)
They called us a dead generation,
Они назвали нас мертвым поколением,
They told us that we wouldn’t survive,
Они сказали нам, что мы не выживем,
They left us alone in the maelstrom,
Они оставили нас одних в водовороте,
As you can see we’re all plenty alive.
Как видишь, мы все очень даже живы.
We know where you are and were coming,
Мы знаем, где ты, поэтому пришли,
Let’s see you say that shit to our face,
Давай посмотрим, как ты выскажешь все это дер*мо нам в лицо.
30/30 – 150 remembers
30/30 - 150 помнят
Stone Sour - 30/30-150, Live @ Annexet 2012

Stone Sour performing 30/30-150 at the Uproar Festival Toyota Pavilion Scranton, Pa 8-27-10

From LAST DISASTER concert. Performed in If Performance Hall.
Stone Sour Live in San Antonio, Texas on February 15, 2014 at Backstage Live. The House of Gold and Bones US Tour.

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Apresentação do Stone Sour no Rock in Rio 2011, dia 24 de Setembro.
первая работа на камеру так сказать,знаю что лажа,знаю что не мало.на свой страх и риск выкладываю)
я не волшебник,я только учусь©
Кори Тейлор рулит )))
Stone Sour - 30 30 150 - Rock am Ring 2010

@ Gasometer, Vienna (30.11.2012)

Vienna, Austria

I'm not the owner of the videos and I was not at the concert, I just found the videos here on youtube and I used VEGAS PRO 12 to mix them. All the credits goes to the filmers.

Stone Sour Charlotte NC (30/30-150)

Live at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater 9/17/10 -Uproar Festival<br/><br/>

Stone Sour ending their set with 30/30-150 at Express Live! in Columbus, OH.
Англия, Лондон. / England, London. KOKO.

Дата выступления - 8 мая, 2016.

Сообщество №1 "Вконтакте" - "SLIPKNOT 18+" -
Signal chain:
Dean Playmate Avalanche 09 HS - Creative X-Fi Xtreme audio - Reaper (used Polun Le456 v1_1)
08.06.2013 Nürburgring Rock am Ring Center Stage
Friday, 30th November 2012

Vienna, Austria

Filmed by Antihero

Stone Sour performing the song 30/30-150 in Corpus Christi, Tx. at Concrete Street Amphitheater on 2/7/2013. Check out the rest of my videos as I recorded their whole set.
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Stone Sour Presentándose En El Maquinaria Fest De La Ciudad De México Junto A Marilyn Manson Y Deftones, Noviembre 2012, Arena Ciudad De México

Stone Sour live @ Rock in Rio

-Mission Statement
-Made of Scars
-Digital (Did you tell)
-Say you'll haunt me
-Come what (ever) may
-Your God
-Through Glass
-Get Inside
-Hell Consequences
-30/30 -150

Ссылка на более качественную версию видео:
вступление 33 секунды :"D..
Калонки пагромче и ебаштесь :DDDD..мне понра о_О ;D
Ноты и табулатуры доступны: Sheet music available on:
The full version of 30/30-150 by Stone Sour. Performed May 28th on Pinkpop Festival in Landgraaf, Netherlands.

There are lots of 3030's on the web, but this is the full version wich was not in the webcast.

Stone Sour with Mike Portnoy live @ Rock in Rio 2011
(now without audio delay)

30/30-150 is the first single from the rock band "Stone Sour"'s second album Come What(ever) May. The song received a nomination for Best Metal Performance at the 49th annual Grammy Awards, but lost to "Eyes of the Insane" by Slayer.
The title comes from his jeans size (30/30) and weight (150 lbs) during his highschool years - which this entire song is a throwback to. The reason the song is titled after the physical characteristics he had during that time is due to the fact that he felt that there were m
Le Bataclan
Paris, France

16:9 Widescreen

Stone Sour gave a blinding performance as the headline act. Corey Taylor was sporting a cheeky little number - more like something out of the Rocky Horror Picture show!
Le concert qui commence 5mn après celui de Devin sur l'autre scène !
Pour ce titre j'ai fais un montage avec le morceau audio qualité soundboard FM
Club Nokia, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Live at Sonisphere, ROMANIA, 2010
Ozzfest Japan 2013
Makuhari Messe, Japan
May 12, 2013

Stone Sour perform live at the Ogden Theater in Denver, Colorado on 2/3/14. Copyright Stone Sour and their record company.

Personal Facebook!
30/30-150!!!! Probably one of the greatest Stone Sour songs ever created haha. This is one of the most adrenaline pumping songs ever!! So happy I finally did this one and I hope you guys like it too!!
Lemme know what you think in the comments or on my Facebook page above!!!! Here's my equipment:
Pearl Forum Drums
10" 12" 14" Toms (Gretsch 14" Floor Tom) 22" Kick
14x5 Pearl Masters Snare

Drums: USSR 20", 13", 10", 8", Custom Washing-Machine 18", Maxtone 14" snare, 16" flor-tom, and snare PEARL Masters Maple 14"/5.5". Cymbals: SABIAN HH 10" splash, AA Regular 14" hi-hat, AAX X-plosion crash 18" and 19", ZILDJIAN Z-custom 20" ride, Oriental Trash China 18" and 20". Pedal: PEARL P2002C. Hard: PDP, TAMA,PEARL, PEACE. Drum-throne - PREMIER. Drumheads: Pearl snare - REMO CS 11410(snare)/Ambassador 14", USSR 8", 10", 16", 20" Maxtone snare - Aqarian Coated/Maxtone Clear 14".
Drum cover by: VYSHNE

Start of the new Audio Secrecy European Tour 2010
... ALL up now :D
HellYeah coming this night (4 songs)

Stone Sour performing 30 30 150 live at the Uproar Festival on 8/18/10 in Kansas City.
live video of stone sour singing 30 30-150...

Grabado por Manson Record en Maquinaria Sideshow Chile 2012 en el Teatro Caupolican el 06 de Noviembre del 2012

Stone Sour. 30/30-150
Live au Bataclan, Paris, France.

Stone Sour playing 30/30-150 live at the Graspop Metal Meeting festival in Dessel, Belgium in 2013

Stone Sour ending the set with 30/30-150 live at Club Nokia in Los Angeles<br/><br/>
Club Nokia, Los Angeles, CA, USA

All rights reserved to Stone Sour and AXSTV.<br/><br/>
Stone Sour - 30 / 30 -150 - Live at Melkweg - 15/06/2010