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Steve Howe — "Clap"

Steve Howe guitar solo ("The Clap"), Yessongs, 1973
Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Cris Squire, Alan White, Rick Wakeman
Steve Howe plays Clap live at Queens Park Rangers (w/Yes) in 1975.
Steve Howe plays Clap live at Queens Park Rangers (w/Yes) in 1975.

P.S. He always hated that it got named "The Clap" on the album, for obvious reasons... Hence my simply naming it "Clap" here.

This YES concert from Montreux in 2003 is regarded by the band and fans alike as one of the finest they have ever played.
Jon Anderson-Steve Howe-Chris Squire-Rick Wakeman-Alan White
Live at the Rainbow Theatre, London, December 1972
Steve Howe: "It's the first song I ever wrote, and I think it's really a good piece. I wrote it on the 4th of August in 1969, when my oldest son, Dylan, was born. The very night that he was born, I finished the song. Originally, it was a dedication to Chet Atkins, but then it became a dedication to Dylan. It combined a lot of things I'd learned or imagined. I always wanted to write music, and when I decided to write solo guitar music, it was earth-shatterin
Guitar song, Stanza Live in "Tokyo" Khmelnitsky<br/><br/>
We were lucky enough to catch Steve Howe this summer at The Brook in Southampton, when he guested with YES tribute band, Fragile. Here he plays his signature tune, "Clap".

Steve Howe performing Clap.
Here´s a short video on how to get the groove in Steve Howe´s Clap happening.
If you can add this component to your version ( if your having trouble ´getting´ it ) then my hope is this will help you along.
ну просто супер
Steve Howe playin' acoustic guitar in a Yes Concert
Master Howe of Yes, playing his classics acoustic songs.

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I like to play this rag written by Steve Howe

Мировая песня, обожаю её.