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Steve Arrington

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Broadcast date: 1985/6/1

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Dam Funk producing an album for Steve Arrington of Slave to be released on Stones Throw in 2011

Slave feat. Steve Arrington - Watching You
From the 1983 Club Classic album Steve Arringtons Hall Of Fame 1 :-)
Slave feat. Steve Arrington - Party Lites
From the maxi 12 inch release 'Hood Pass Intact' (2010)

(c) produced, written, and performed by Dam-Funk (Damon Roddick).

Steve Arrington & Dam-Funk's HIGHER

Directed by Jessica Rew
Всем спасибо! Снято! Отдельная благодарность бэк-вокалисткам)
Steve Arrington - Dancin' in the key of life. Taken from the album that bought you 'Feel so real'
Legendary lead singer from Funk Group Slave, Steve Arrington performs "Just a touch of love" , "watching you" and new Single (trying to obtain name) I took this with my little Nikon camera, and I was drinking.. Not too terrible. lol Enjoy

Вот это теплая компания!
Я бы много отдал чтобы оказаться на этой тусовке.
Steve Arrington (бывший вокалист Slave) исполняет вживую песни «Just A Touch Of Love» и «Watching You», а Dam-Funk самозабвенно подпевает ему.

Обязательно досмотрите до 4-ой минуты!
Another Sunday Hosted By Azul 213* with the Amazing line up
Antiq, Danny Halloway, Prince Language, King Most, DJ Moma, Dam-Funk, Steve Arrington Spinderella provided a musical journey for 8 hours!