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Stereophonics - Indian Summer - информация об исполнителе
She was the one for me...
Stereophonics - Indian Summer (Official Video)
Album 'Graffiti On The Train' is out now.
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Stereophonics Indian Summer is the official new single and video from Welsh band Stereophonics.

Stereophonics Indian Summer Official Video of the Stereophonics new single Indian Summer.

Song Written by Kelly Jones:
Vocals Guitars: Kelly Jones
Bass: Richard Jones
Drums: Javier Weyler
Guitar: Adam Zindani

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Here you have all
Stereophonics newest single from 'Graffiti On The Train'

Played on BBC Radio 2!
Stereophonics perform their upcoming single 'Indian Summer' from their upcoming new album Graffiti On The Train for a small audience in Abbey Road for an Absolute Radio acoustic session. | Stereophonics Fan Community

The Late Late Show | RTÉ One | Friday 9.35pm
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The Stereophonics perform their latest single, 'Indian Summer' in front of a live studio audience.
Kelly Jones - Stereophonics - Indian Summer - Acoustic Live

Stereophonics - Indian Summer - T In The Park 2015

Stereophonics perform an acoustic version of "Indian Summer" on the Rick O'Shea show.
WELSH stalwarts perform second single from their eighth studio album Graffiti On The Train, which is out now

Kelly revealed: "I think having a bit more patience and a bit more time to play with helped.
"In the past, you'd record a version of a song, commit to it and that would be it.
"You'd normally make a record within about six weeks, mix it in three weeks, and then you're out on the road again.
"Having your own place with no clock ticking, you can do an idea, walk away from it, come back
Stereophonics performing "Indian Summer" on the Jonathan Ross Show 3/16/2013
Stereophonics new song Indian Summer live at Abbey Road 12/12/12

This song is for my friend Bethan, we always sing it on the bus..whooo!
Stereophonics - Indian Summer - [New] Acoustic Live
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It's now 15 years since the Bartender and the Thief were lovers (We know, sorry) and what a perfect time for Stereophonics to appear on Secret Sessions.

Check Out: Their forthcoming album Graffiti on the Train.

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Stereophonics on Later... with Jools Holland
Stereophonics "Indian Summer" (Live @Taratata Mars 2013)
Taratata Backstage - Stereophonics (Rehearsal "Indian Summer" + cover "I put a spell on you") :

Stereophonics "Indian Summer" Drums Performance (Backstage - Rehearsal - Taratata Live Mar 2013) :

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