Stefano E Bene: Stefano e Bene Feat. HARD TON - "WHY YOUR LOVE", Compost Disco - Stefano e Bene feat. Hard Ton - Why Your Love, STEFANO E BENE FEAT. HARD

Stefano E Bene

Stefano e Bene Feat. HARD TON

Compost Disco 01 / codis001

Yes, Stefano e Bene are big fans of Italo Disco. In their "Happy Sunshine Studio" they work on their own definition of this sound. Actually, the two boys do not come from Italy.
But their friend Hard Ton does. Together with this really big artist, who already released on Dissident, Gigolo and Permanent Vacation, they created "Why Your Love", the first Stefano e Bene single.
A track for the Disco, for the summer and for the love!

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