Stefan Vincent: Stefan Vincent - I Would Give Anything to Feel Nothing - STHLM LTD 034, Interview #002 / Stefan Vincent [Balans records, Dynamic

Stefan Vincent

The Persuader, Pär Grindvik, A&S & Stefan Vincent - Natures Terrified EP

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Released: 3 Feb 2015

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Vidéo : AnSo Paradox et Saad Dahbi

Montage : Saad Dahbi

Soundtracks :
- Stefan Vincent - The void she left [Stockholm LTD 034]
- Stefan Vincent - Beneath [Anagram 002]
- Stefan Vincent - i Would Give Anything to Feel Nothing [Stockholm LTD 034]

Video credits :
- Amsterdam Dance Event 2014 | festival aftermovie
- Jeff Mills & Montpelier Philharmonic Orchestra - Full Video
- 15 years Retro Acid, The after mo
Stefan Vincent - As we wait for the machines to catch up with us EP

Tired of just rumbling low ends and mindless battering, Stefan Vincent points us in a more melodic direction. A rather melancholic and dystopian one, showing off his understanding of harmonics and tone sections. These compositions in Minor and Major hint towards equally feeling, futuristic atmospheres in which human kind is more and more affected by its unsatisfiable hunger for technology and perfection. Guided by the terrifying beauty of

Stefan Vincent - Paranal Two
Watch in HD please:)

fandom :The vampire diaries;Beauty and the Beast
pairing: VinCat ;Stelena
music: google to help
program; sv pro 10<br/><br/>

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29/10/16 - Stefan Vincent @ Khidi, Tbilisi, Georgia

Tv Shows: The Vampire Diaries (TVD 4x01), Beauty The Beast (BATB 1x01)
Couples: Stefan Elena (Stelena), Catherine Vincent (Do these guys have a shipper name yet? Catcent?)
Song: Try
Artist: Pink

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[was previously uploaded on my old account, re uploaded on my new channel]
Just wanted to try something new with one of my favorite genres of music. Drum and Bass :D
I love these couples❤

★Program Used: Sony Vegas 10
★Song: Burial - Near Dark
★Fandoms: Beauty & The Beast/ The Vampire Diaries
★Ships: Vincent/Catherine Stefan/Kat

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"There's distance, and there's silence. Your words have never left me. They're the prayer that I say everyday.."
To be honest, I got pretty pissed when "New York" played during the Delena scene in 4x10. To me, that's always been a Stelena song because the lyrics fits them perfectly, soo I just had had to make this. I also put VincentCatherine from Beauty And The Beast in it too, because I love them soooo much. That show is freaking AMAZING, btw. These couples also have alot of sim
Продолжение путешествия по разным странам трех друзей из Германии (Clemens Krüger, Vincent Urban, Stefan Templer)