Start Noise: 6 Nissan Start Up Rattle KA24E Timing Chain Noise Fix 1989 to 1997, 5 Nissan Start Up Rattle KA24E Timing Chain Noise Fix 1989 to 1997, Steep Beta

Start Noise

I took part in the Steep beta a while ago and found this intro screen really relaxing. Almost made me not want to press X! But inevitably, of cours...
I can't be the only one who love this intro screen, right? I sure hope not.

Here's one hour of Firewatch's intro/press X to start screen to chill ...
This video was recorded in order to show the others how a 1.4 TSI 122 BHP engine behaves after the start-up. Also, you can hear what kind of noises it produces. What is important and has to be mentioned is, that the engine is healthy and doesn't have problems with timing system. The car was manufactured in the end of 2011, so it should be without any problems with timing chain and timing system.
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Nicole Scherzinger and Tinie Tempah take charge as team captains and comedians Katherine Ryan and Joel Dommet join the fun as regular panellists.

Starts 22nd October 9pm

video & music by MimAnsa
My pablic
Live at Little Noise Sessions - St John At Hackney - 25th November 2012 - 25.11.12

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Audio: Ressora - start noise (original mix)
Video: Sensation wicked wonderland 2009
when you get so hype to a song you start adding noises VINE Carter Reynolds
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