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Stormzex has been making some pretty cool songs recently with v flower singing in Korean. Check this one out! READ FOR MORE ↓↓↓

While not the first v flower song on my channel, it definitely does things differently by bringing together Melodic Dubstep and Korean lyrics. This is just a sample of what Stormzex has been creating recently, so go catch up on his works via YouTube and Soundcloud!

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V flower Korean Original song 별 바라기 (Starflower)

ALL EVERYTHING by stormzex
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고마워요, 날 사랑해줘서
사랑받지 못한 꽃의
매마른 마음은 꺾을 수 밖에 없어
가시투성이인 나의 바램은
이런게 아&
Learn how to crochet a half starflower hexie to join to the edge of the starflower hexagon blanket. The pattern for the first hexagon is here: http...

Superduo beads steal the spotlight with my Starflower beaded earrings. This video tutorial teaches you how to make these fun earrings! For a full list of the supplies used for all three earrings, please click the link to see

Stretch your herringbone stitch skills with my original earring design.

I'm sorry to all viewers who are unhappy that there is no text. Please, I would appreciate it if you would not leave angry comments. I spent hours on this project and it's here for you to look at free of charge. This was my first attempt at using Windows Movie Maker and I didn't know how to add text. If you would like detailed explanations of each step, here is a link to a photo set I made: I am trying to improve my videos and I hope people will be patient with me. Have a great day :-)

These textile Starflower are created using the Macrame technique and can be used as: Pendant, Necklace, Brooch, Earrings, Hairclip, Bracelet, Keychain, Charms and other accessories. See more Macrame projects in playlist:
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Tejan algo nuevo ,,esta ves animence hacer la florestrella
es bonita y muy útil para proyectos a gran escala,, como cobijas o cortinas para adornar su habitación y sentirse muy felices