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Star Wars Disco

Disco version to the Star Wars theme.

A huge hit in the '70's, when the original Star Wars was released in the midst of the Disco era!

From the album "Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk" by Meco.
Disco Star Wars
Star Wars Disco song! Song by Meco. Image property of Lucasfilm.
SPIKE TV Star Wars Marathon commercial Roller Disco Stormtrooper

This is Star Wars Theme by Meco, synced to our light show in Fountain Valley, CA for New Years 2012. Sorry for the delay in uploading, it's way past New Years, but what the hey... The song is great the lights are fairly awesome to boot.
Spike TV commercial featuring myself as the stormtrooper. This commercial was aired in early summer 2010 to promote a then-upcoming marathon of Star Wars movies to be aired on Spike TV.

As promised, here is the full length Meco Star Wars with the better video. No infringement intended, all rights belong to Meco.

Han Solo and Lando boogie down in Bespin?! Yes, yes they do.

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Бугагашенька :D Классно сделано )