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Star Wars 1313 ™ - Trailer

Star Wars 1313 Gameplay Trailer

The first gameplay trailer for Star Wars 1313 is finally here. Get a taste of what's to come in this absolutely gorgeous third-person action platformer from LucasArts.

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В новой игре мы не увидим в роли главного героя Джедая - на этот раз протагонистом выступает охотник за головами. Действия Star Wars 1313 развернутся на планете Корускан, в огромном мегаполисе под поверхностью планеты.
Finally, some more footage of this upcoming star wars game. I jizzed myself.
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Title: Star Wars 1313
Release Date: TBA
Platforms: Xbox 360 | Playstation 3
Label: LucasArts
Genre: Action-adventure
Age Rating: RP (Rating Pending)
Star Wars 1313 Cancelled? -
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LucasArts, a Lucasfilm Ltd. company, announced today a new internally developed videogame franchise, Star Wars 1313™. The game will make its formal debut at the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles June 5-7. As players take control of a lethal bounty hunter in a never-before-seen da
игруха ,которой несуждено было появиться на свет.но....может быть.когда нибудь.в не далеком будущем,когда Микки Маус вернется на светлую сторону силы..........!
Star Wars 1313 Gameplay Trailer full HD

Star Wars 1313 : Gameplay Trailer. LucasArts Star Wars 1313 is a third-person action-adventure game set on the famous planet of Coruscant ! Join us on Facebook : !

Star Wars 1313 : Gameplay Trailer. The game will be available soon on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Suscribe now to get all gameplay trailers and videos !
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