Spiral Waves: MATRIX Design Pulse Roc-A-Wave/Spiral Tap How-To Video, Density Waves and the Stability of Galactic Spiral Arms, BaGua Zhang for Object

Spiral Waves

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This animation shows how speeding up and slowing down of the orbital motions of stars in galaxies can lead to stable spiral arms. This animation i...
In this clip, Master Su Dong Chen starts by talking about how spirals, when added together make waves. Spirals are the tools we use to manipulate objects, including people. From here Master Su has Kenji demonstrate basic warm-up exercises for the 5 directions of movement. Then Master Su demonstrates how to train the "Three Joints Movement" with the arms, showing the progression from Shoulders/Hips, to Elbows/Knees and then Wrists/Ankles.

Clip filmed in 2000 at the Herndon/Sterling branch of White B
Simulating The Galaxy Spiral Arms With tTe Density Wave Theory

Starting from a random field of values, small spiral waves soon appear in the complex Ginzberg-Landau model. Parameters: alpha = 0.0625, beta = 1.0, delta = 1.0, gamma = 0.0625. Generated using the open source program: http://code.google.com/p/reaction-diffusion/
Beauty Blogger Maskara, an Allure Blogger of the year, shows you how to use a curling iron to create multiple curly / wavy styles. From loose waves...
Brings together ideas from Theremin's Rhythmicon and the lovely pendulum waves. For more of these videos and to find out about them see http://bouncemetronome.com/video-resources/harmonic-polyrhythms/pendulum-waves-played-harmonics

For more videos of the rhythmicon or to try it out yourself see: http://bouncemetronome.com/features/pro/theremins-rhythmicon

This version uses a spiral effect . In fact I was trying to get Bounce Metronome to do this: http://whitneymusicbox.org/index.php?var=v2
Mantra: BABA NAM KEVALAM Chords: Em, C/G, D, Em...
The difficult part of using iron to create spiral wave is the volume from the root, using this technique can create the amazing effect to the style

The same animation I made and posted here on youtube a few years back, but using iMovie I made the clip a little longer and reversed the direction at the mid point. :-)

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Massive Wave at Playa Puerto Nuevo in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico - Check out this enormous wave that came over the reef barrier at Playa Puerto Nuevo in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico. Nature is Awesome!

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