Sorry to Ruin Your Day смотреть онлайн

Sorry to Ruin Your Day

Sorry to Ruin Your Day:

Filmed by Scoot, Kevin and George

George is riding a Sector9 Lacey, Aera Trucks 180x50, Sector9 Centreset 70mm 78a

Scoot is riding Sector9 Lacey, Aera Trucks 180x46, Abec11 ZigZags Classic 81a

Kevin is riding a Rayne Killswitch, Aera Trucks 180x50, Abec11 Flashback 81a

Scoot and Kevin are sponsored by Daddies Boardshop.

Note: Dylon Stephens doesn't ride Aera Trucks, but he's pretty dope so he's in here too.

Edit: Rimes