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Someone To Die For

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This is an audio clip for 'Someone To Die For' - taken from Example's new album 'The Evolution Of Man' (Out Now).

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all Movie Mystery-Suspense someone to die for / кто умереть за
Before you landed
I had a will, but didn't know
What it could do
You were abandoned
And still you're handing out
What you don't wanna lose
You make me drop things
Like all the plans I had for a life
Without you

Someone to die for
Someone to fall into
When the world goes dark
Someone to die for
Someone to tear a hole
In this endless night
Someone like you

I'm drunk when sober
The room is spinning
You are what I hold onto
You're taking over
I find that giving in
Is the best I can do
A fantastic song and intelligent guitar soloing by Brian May.

My attempt at showing how it could be played.
Part 1: Performance comparison. Song playing in background is copyrighted to Sony music and I use it purely for enjoyment and no financial gain ....just me playing at home etc...

Part 2: Few moments explaining the solo, where to play it, chord sequence and outro noodling...

I used a battered homemade Red Special with Jean Renaud original switches..) into TB-83 treble bo
Jimmy Gnecco (Ours) - Someone To Die For 2/7/10 at On the Rox<br/><br/>
THEO Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson perform a haunting track at their latest Biz Session<br/><br/>
Ok so i made this due to the fillers in naruto and i plan to make a itachi shinden video aswell and dont hate me but i may us...