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SoaringFlight - Dashin' Dreams

- I kindly ask you to read full description. It explains everything.-

The theme pony is, who else than one of my favorites, one and only, Rainbow Dash. Waking up from her peaceful airy dreams, she streches her wings and slowly takes off into calm air. Above the cloud line, staring into the thick white sea of clouds, she realizes this will be another great day - and doing so, she goes into a straight dive through the clouds, flying off towards adventures, leaving only a trail of colors and sunshine behind her.

Finally continuing from where I was left back in December, after half a year of hard life, college, loss of finances and no time to learn/make music, I managed to make this -- my second track i've ever done -- despite all the trouble i had, from FL Studio crashing to losing project files - hence the track turned out bland and repetitive, but oh well, I'm moving on.

I will try and work on more tracks, collabs and everything else, while learning alot of new things that will ho