SoaringFlight - Above Cloudsdale: AgileDash Befriends SoaringFlight - Higher Above Cloudsdale (High Above Cloudsdale Remix), SoaringFlight - Above Cloudsdale

SoaringFlight - Above Cloudsdale

I kindly ask you to read whole description.

Sorry for the repetitivness of the song in advance, it is the first thing I ever made. Also if it sounds strange I blame my laptop speakers. Can't afford anything better, they are the only thing I have.

Soarin' high above the clouds with my favorite ponies... not racing, training or doing tricks, just simply chilling somewhere Above Cloudsdale and enjoying the peaceful view of Equestria...

The above is how I relate this song to my favorite show. I tried my best to connect the title with the picture and music itself. I wanted it to be different, I wanted to connect it with the happy mood of the show. You probably do not find it related, but I do as it feels like this set me free, almost free to fly. It made me so happy as probably never before.

Consider this song as a huge thank you to both everyone in the fandom (especially artists and musicians) as well as cast of MLP. It is one of two things I&
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Took a whole different turn from the original which was hard to beat which this song doesn't. I decided to go full Trance Instead of progressive trance. I fairly like how this c
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Sorry about the re upload the quality was terrible.
I need to check before I upload

A simple remix I did in wating for other stuff. Enjoy
My other song is coming soon.


Artwork is by nelvakre on deviantart. (he did not make this for me, its just a nice picture)
This project was started so long ago, I just wanted nothing more to do with it, it's awful but, hey, when I remix songs, I do actually remix them. :)

If you don't know this track, what's wrong with you.


by SoaringFlight:

(btw Soaring, remove kebab from the premises)

Sorry for destroying your ears, I might take it down :)

The image is just a screenshot.

Art: http://eqbeats.or