Snuff Out the Light: Snuff Out The Light (Yzma's Song) - Ertha Kitt, The Emperor's New Groove - Snuff Out the Light (Yzma's Song), King of the Sun (Emperor's

Snuff Out the Light

Here's the deleted song from the Disney movie The Emperors New Groove performed by Eartha Kitt with Lyrics. Eartha R.I.P.

The Emperor's New Groove is the official soundtrack to the 2000 animated Disney classic of the same name. The soundtrack features songs performed by The Rascal Flatts, Sting, Tom Jones, and Eartha Kitt. The score is composed by John Debney. Tracks listed below:

1. Perfect World
2. My Funny Friend And Me
3. Snuff Out The Light (Yzma's Song)
4. Walk The Llama Llama
5. Perfect World (Reprise)
6. Run Llama Run
7. One Day She'll Love Me
8. A New Hope
9. Beware The Groove
10. The Jungle Rescue
11. Pacha's Homec

A behind the scenes look at the song Snuff Out the Light from King of the Sun, later turned into Emperor's New Groove. Features r...
"Snuff Out The Light" was performed by Eartha Kitt and was going to be Yzma's big villain song in Disney's "The Emperors New Groove"
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This is just the song portion, without the beginning banter and movie clip. The song is exactly the same, though, so if you clicked on this hoping for a cleaner version, then I'm sorry to disappoint.