Sneaktip: Partymaker Stef - Kilo In My Sneaktip (Purple Haze), PartymakeR_Stef - Kilo In My Sneaktip, Ace Hood дает интервью Boss Lady в офисе Sneaktip


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"16 bars from Russia with love!
If U know someone else - I don't give a fuck!"

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Ace Hood в офисе Sneaktip (Brooklyn, NY)
Интервью для магазина Dr.Jays
Рэпер Noreaga(N.O.R.E.) в Майами
На видео представлен обзор коллекции Sneaktip.
В скором времени будет готово интервью создателя бренда специально для магазина Original Store.
Coming straight out of Brooklyns legendary Coney Island neighborhood, Sneaktip seeks to not only pay homage to these classic sneaker releases, but also make strides within the industry as purveyors of the culture. With the recent flow of commemorative releases, teared exclusive accounts and retro/vintage phenomenon, maintaining a healthy ensemble of footwear has become a general mass standard. Sneaktip pulls from the essence of New Yorks ric urban lifestyle-meshing its arts, icons and music to bring a sneak
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