Smash TV: Sunday will never be the same from Smash TV, SMASH TV vs RED ROBIN - Touch, KERIM MURAVEY - Встречайте нас города (Smash,Europa plus tv), SMASH! —

Smash TV

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Video : Andreas Miro

(трек записан для конкурса от Smash и Europa plus tv)

Ведущие: Валерий Пастухов и Анжелика
Smashing Pumpkins
live ... with the song:
I am one ...

check all releases of
this great and unique
rock band around
Billy Corgan ...

filmed and broadcasted by
Underground Live TV

recorded live in

only a rough
one camera
recording so not the
best quality but
a great performance
of the first germany tour !
... little historic stuff
now two decades old !!!
check out also
Dj Smash feat Вера Брежнева - Любовь на расстоянии [] 720p HD качество
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SMASH & Моя Мишель - Тёмные аллеи @ Superhit.TV

#SMASH #МояМишель #DJSmash #Тёмныеаллеи #SuperhitTV
Smash TV - Yellow Asteroids live @ Space:Garage (24.08.2007.)
Twitter: @supersmashtv

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Skinemax is Koyaanisqatsi for a generation raised on late night television and B-movie VHS tapes. It's long form entertainment for short attention spans. An hour long VJ odyssey, it will move your body and warp your mind.
A nostalgic look back at a half remembered childhood growing up in the 80s and early 90s, Skinemax takes a close look at the culture of that era. The images that motivated, delig
Holi Festival Munich
Spot de Super Smash Bros qui fait la pub de la New 3DS et de la compatibilité amiibo
1976 cadburys smash TV advert
Chase Status perform "Smash TV" on Radio One's Big Weekend in Swindon 2009.

Douglas wrecked the living room with his impressive yet failed handstand!
Если нужно, можете взять вот здесь:) -
Releasedate: 29.09.2014 Hive Audio
Track 1: Slayer Track 2: World Wide What

Here's the Trailer for our EP Slayer on Hive Audio, shot on Berlin Beats & Boats 2014 with Cameo appearances by our homies Adana Twins, Dr. Dru, Nhan Solo & Shir Khan

Filmed and edited by Editude Pictures
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Looks like Joey bag of donuts likes to piss off his dad by smashing his toys. Someone get me his dad's number. I want to help him get him back!
I would kill my son if he smashed my ,TV, Phone, Xbox, and computer which this numbskull did.

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Порвало нах....
Я волна - "ПО ЕБАЛУ НА"!!! =))))
Запись со спутника высокого качества.
Megaplex is the most insane double feature the world has ever seen. With a running time of 80 minutes and thousands of cuts from more than 80 movies, Smash TV has spent the past year and a half cramming the most entertainment possible into every second. It’s dense enough to pressurize these diamonds in the rough into gleaming treasures.
Megaplex is the long awaited followup to the critically acclaimed Skinemax. Whereas Skinemax was a first attempt at an ambitious idea, this latest effort is much more fully realized, utilizing myriad editing and layering tricks picked up over the past five years. Deeper, darker, and definitely more bizarre.
Borrowing from the Grindhouse tradition and from Tarantino’s more recent tribute, Megaplex is a double feature that both members of Smash TV worked on independently, entitled Turbo and Beyond respectively.
As a palette cleanser in between, Smash TV is proud to present Coming Attractions, a 15 minute collection of vignettes editing together previously unexplored genres and s
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Brazil V Chile penalty shoot out. Alexis Sanchez misses his penalty, which leads to euphoria for these Brazilian fans, unfortunately, one of them decided to give the TV a punch when Alexis's face popped up. The result= broken television and more laughs. World Cup 2014 fever.

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Credit to original clip: Invento Na Hora
Smash TV @Click Amsterdam

Album Release Date: April, 26th 2013

Music: Smash TV - Whatever feat. Cari Golden (Get Physical Music)

video by GoodBY

After burning the candle on both ends together for 3 consecutive years, Smash TV step in the arena to make a statement.
Fresh from the barbershop and straight from the beauty salon, the two native Berliners

水樹奈々、2015年11月11日リリースの11thアルバム『SMASHING ANTHEMS』15秒TV-CM(発売前)です。
"Smash" is a musical drama that celebrates the beauty and heartbreak of the Broadway theater as it follows a cross-section of dreamers and schemers who all have one common desire -- to be a "Smash." Coming Soon to NBC.
Pure Evil, Reverb and Bass.

Artist : Smash TV
Frequency : Earth
Album : Earth / Air
Label : BPitch Control
CAT.# : BPC122
R.D. : June 2006
Format ...
Interview with Berlin based duo Smash TV on their use of the Xone:DB4 mixer in both live and DJ sets.

In this video we caught up with Holger Zilske and Kai Preussner and discovered how the name Smash TV rings bells internationally, that music is not just about the dance floor; it's a way of life and a means of communication on a deep emotional level and their thoughts on the exclusive use of the Xone:DB4 mixer for performing.

For Holger and Kai, these directions and experiences become apparent on their l
Music by VHS Head
ᴥ Jack Davenport \ ●JD● / Джек Дэвенпорт ᴥ
• Видео представлено группой
Приятного просмотра!)
Выступление на вечеринке HIT NON STOP/ EUROPA PLUS TV в честь Нового года 2017

Лучшая музыка, с...
Read the description if you wish to fully comprehend what is going on in this video. It may or may not contain spoiler.
----------------------------------------This guy has been trolled by his partner/wife while he was watching Croatia vs Turkey Euro 2016 football match which was played on 12 June 2016. Woman placed a hidden camera and used her mobile phone application to turn off the Smart TV at the most exciting moments of the match.

At the beginning of the video, Croatia scores a goal and sets the score
★ SM☆SH(aka SMASH) ★


Memorex is the advertising industry's collective wet dream. The sequel to Smash TV's critically acclaimed "Skinemax", Memorex is a 50 minute VJ odyssey, a tribute to an entire generation who grew up with only a TV and a VCR for a babysitter.
Performance live of AVA ADORE played in a BBC channel
!!WARNING!! - This may not be suitable for people with active epilepsy!

Credits: music - Chase and Status


Smash TV for SNES

Bear Grylls – the man who likes to eat scorpians and sleeps in trees above croc-infested swamps – was never going to just stroll through the front door for his interview on This Morning.

That’s far too regular, and not very Mission Survive.

First, he beached a rib on the Southbank with the help of the marines, and next he scaled the ITV studios with just a rope and not a single health and safety officer in sight.

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The cast of E4 comedy Youngers, Calvin Demba, Ade Oyefeso and Shavani Seth, talk to us about the new series and reveal who their biggest celeb fan is

Youngers S2 | Wednesday, 7th May | E4
Watch Youngers on 4oD now:

Urban Smash TV is a new Web-based channel created for hidden talent in the Uk. (If you are interested in a interview or showcasing your talent pleases contact Urban Sma
официальный фото и видео репортаж:

Smash TV - Whatever EP // Get Physical Music [GPM229] ¤¤
Release Date: 24.04.2013 ¤¤ ¤¤
DJ Smash at the Big Love Show 2010 on Muz TV Feb. 14th, 2010
smash trailer, katharine mcphee

Smashing Pumpkins - VH1 Storytellers
how to destory all 11 monitors in Portal 2
Smash Hits Poll Winners Party from 1998 hosted by Stephen Gately and Melanie Sykes. Shown on BBC One. Part 9 of 12 features
Westlife speech and they thank Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Ronan Keating!
Best TV Actor - Adam Rickett (Coronation Street).
Johnny and Denise - Especially For You (performance)
Best TV Programme - Eastenders (Barbara Windsor saying hello darling you alrrright).

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"Welcome To Warp Zone!" gets a reissue, with all new box art and goodies! Pre-orders for the 3-cassette special edition are available now at Plast...
Озвучено Ю. Сербиным на базе проекта NovaFilm.TV
Русские субтитры на песни

Скачать в HD:

Группа проекта:
Angry player freaks out and smashes beer bottle against TV, after being scored on in FIFA!


Holger Zilske & Kai Preussner came to Get Physical early 2011 with their sensational 'Baby Got Me Open', featured on the Full Body Workout Vol. 7 compilation. The two immediately wowed us with their consistent sound and spectacular live shows. Well; after 2 years and countless EP's, remixes and international after hour sets, the two have sat down and produced a full length album, 'Noise & Girls'.
The first cut off the album 'Wh
More video The Slow Mo Guys here:
Lisa and Jessica Origliasso - a.k.a. The Veronicas - are back with new single In My Blood, complete with glittery artwork and a 'smashing' video! Report by Victoria Nwosu-Hope.
Get Physical on FB:

Smash TV released their debut Get Physical album last spring, and since then the remixes have been pouring in. This batch of remixes comes from Yousef, DJ Linus, Alland Byallo and a Smash TV 'Bareknuckles Edit'.

The Yousef remix sets a deeper tone with thick chords and bustling percus
Octopus Records - Galapine EP - OCT26
Buy at:
Video Edit : Andreas Miro
Smash TV - Nobody
Filmed him for most of the night throwing the controller about, This is funny as shit.
[Original version]
For licensing/usage please contact: licensing (at) jukinmediadotcom
Oliver Koletzki -Music is Music- Fritz Radio Show - August 2014
Juno Download:

French electronic duo Melokolektiv (Crosstown Rebels, Get Physical, Selador), joined by Konvex and the Shadow, present their debut EP on Highway Records. Two melodic original tracks are completed with solid remixes by Get Physical’s Smash TV and talented Russian producer Monkey Fish.

Supported by Guy J, Martin Eyerer, Kruse & Nuernberg, Eelke
I just found Super Smash TV at the local Game Crazy, and it really brought back memories. It was one of my all time favorite games back in the day. This is the first level, and maybe Ill put up the videos for the second and third levels later.

Its nothing special, not a speed run or no deaths or anything like that. I just always enjoy watching others play games, and watching HOW they play more specifically, so I figured Id contribute something.

This is on a rom for recording purposes.
Welcome to the Smash TV special with an hour long mix, hosted by our very own Dan Tait. Smash TV (aka Holger and Kai) show us why they truly need to be a duo with an impressive array of equipment put through its paces, including an RMX, SP16, 4 CDJs and 2 mixers! Hailing from Germany Smash TV have released on numerous labels including Get Physical, Culprit and My Favourite Robot among others...Check out their set here.
Music: Melokolektiv & Konvex And The Shadow — Train To Neverland (Smash TV Remix) [Highway Records].
Made/edit by QPD Production.
Camera/edit by Maxim Gannotsky.

✖ Follow Highway Records:
Я и Blizzardsss играем в Star-Smash TV!
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"Big Rock" Kevin MacLeod (
"Malt Shop Bop" Kevin MacLeod (incom
One Carolina Panthers fan takes losing to Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl very badly

Get Physical Sessions Episode 70 with Smash TV
Get the their new EP 'Klassenfahrt' here:

Get Physical Sessions are recorded in the Get Physical Music Office in Berlin Kreuzberg. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates and archives of older shows.

Supported by Pioneer DJ and Adam Audio and GoPro, the Get Physical Music Box is rigged with all the latest in DJ-tech, including turntables for the occasional wax enthusiast. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled and tune into Facebook for upd
Holger Zilske aka Smash TV @ RTS.FM Berlin - 23.07.2010

Я и Rembogamer играем в -Card Shuffle-!
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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
★★★ DJ TIESTO - The Lord of Trance ★★★
Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are ready to smash to victory and save the world! Get LEGO Marvel’s Avengers, available January 26th –

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У сотен миллионов мужиков наступили "эти дни". У этого пузатого турка тоже. По случаю первого матча своей сборной против команды Хорватии мужик затарился вкуснотой и комфортно уселся нервничать и материться на телевизор.

Жена почему-то не приняла его фанатства (я реально недоумеваю с её позиции), посему на его ответ, данный фоном без поворота головы, "займись пока своими делами", она приготовила женскую месть.

Вообще, она просто тупая мразь и овца, и говорю я это не как мужик или любитель футбола, а как адекватный человек. Как можно супругу (т.е. априори типа любимому человеку, которого ты знаешь и принимаешь) можно строить подлянку, забрав в крысу пульт и вырубая самые интересные моменты, ради которых и ждёшь матч?...

В общем, мужик в ярости разбил телек, бросив в него "яблочную" технику... Одно радует - как я понял, яблочко оказалась его супруги.
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The first 'Sessions - Selected Tracks' compilation is out!
Get Physical Sessions #38 with Smash TV
Check all sessions here:


01. Red Man – Fuck Your Opinion
02. Claus Casper, Jean Phillips - What We Used To Be (Smash TV Remix)
03. Abe Duque feat Blake Baxter - What Happened (Deep House Mix)
04. Kornel Kovacs - Down Since ‘92
05. Detroit Swindle - 64 Ways Feat Mayer Hawthorn (Detroit Swindle's 65Th Way Dub)
Увидено в группе "Танцевалище"

Visual production for Chase & Status live tour in 2009 by The Light Surgeons.

more info:​chaseandstatus

Direction: Chris Allen & Tim Cowie
Graphic Design: Mitchy Bwoy
Post production: Tim Cowie
Producer: Chris Allen

2009 Tour visuals by The Light Surgeons for the track "Smash TV" by Chase & Status.
more info:

Direction: Chris Allen & Tim Cowie
Graphic Design: Mitchy Bwoy

SMASH - LOVERS2LOVERS (Feat. Ridley) @ Superhit.TV

#SMASH #DJSmash #LOVERS2LOVERS #Ridley #StephenRidley #AndrewShirman #VladimirChinyaev #Chinkong #KontorTV #Kontor #SuperhitTV
Посмотреть видео «SMASH – LOVERS 2 LOVERS (Feat. Ridley) RE:Musiс TV версия», загруженное RE Music UHD на Dailymotion.
Angry gamer breaks his Father's television with a baseball bat.
Want more videos like this one, check out the Psycho Series:

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Check out the playlist for all James & Mike Mondays episodes!

Smash TV was an arcade game developed and published by Williams in 1990. The home console versions which James and Mike play here were published by Acclaim Entertainment. Smash TV is a run and gun type game similar to Robotron: 2084. Robotron used a two joystick method of control w
you can find the Original and all other versions including Radio Slave, Siopis and M.A.N.D.Y. Slim Fit Remix at

Special thanks to Bela Molnar
released on Get Physical Music
[제니스뉴스=이주희 기자] 11일 오후 서울 삼성동 SMTOWN 코엑스 아티움에서 보아의 정규 8집 ‘Kiss My Lips’ 발매 기념 음감회가 열렸다.

오는 12일 0시 각종 음원 사이트를 통해 공개되는 BoA 새 앨범 ‘Kiss My Lips’는 지난 2012년 7월 발매된 정규 7집 ‘Only One’ 이후 약 2년 9개월만에 국내에서 선보이는 음반으로, R&B, 팝, 발라드 등 다채로운 장르의 총 12곡이 담&
★ SM☆SH(aka SMASH) & Tony An ★
ALL credits goes to anomaly, I just decided to upload this so people can watch. If he wants me to take down this video he can send me a PM and ill gladly do so, thanks.
Part 2 of a video mixtape of Smash TV favorites
Новости WWE

"Да, я собираюсь проломить битой этот телевизор. А знаете почему? Это все из-за Королевской Битвы. Меня просто воротит от того что Дэниел Браян не принял участие в Битве, не говоря о том чтобы ее выиграть. Я хотел проломить его кирпичем в прямом эфире, но мои дети перепугались когда увидели меня с кирпичем в руках. И вот когда они пошли в школу, а жена на работу. Я сделаю это прям сейчас, как и обещал"

— Мик Фоли
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Midget Loco - California Raised ft David Salas

An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive - The music video that started it all. A continuation from Midget Loco's "California Raised/Sunday High" Music Video. In that video, Midget was pulled over an

Hilarious. speaking of Hooligans...

This guy has been trolled by his partner/wife while he was watching Croatia vs Turkey Euro 2016 football match which was played on 12 June 2016. Woman placed a hidden camera and used her mobile phone applic
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The Smash TV boys are still basking in the success of their first Get Physical album -- 'Noise & Girls'. So, instead of slaving away in the studio, they sent out some tracks for remixes! We welcome you to the second remix package of the album -- this time, the title track 'Noise & Girls' gets dirty by the hands of Tom Budden, German Brigante and Fabio Giannelli. This will not be the last remix package either, there will be a couple more
Comedy Club 2014: DJ Smash и Боб Синклер

Новости Латвии в формате HD!

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VESPERTINE finds the German artists Smash TV in a moody and

heads down mode....