SlipJig: North American Irish Dance Championships 2012 Wednesday (Girls only, slipjigs), The Butterfly Slipjig in E minor by Éamonn & Fionán de Barra,


Girls Under 13 - A Winner: Miya Stefanick * Maple : Southern Region, USA

Girls Under 13 - B Winner: Abigail Monaghan * McGahan Lees : Southern Region, England

Girls Under 17 - A Winner: Michaela Hinds * Butler-Fearon-O'Connor : Eastern Region, Canada

Girls Under 17 - B Winner: Sarah Oldam * Peter Smith : Mid Atlantic Region, USA

Ladies 20 and Over - A Winner: Siobhan Casey Doherty * Midlands Region, England/Wales

Ladies 20 and Over - B Winner: Olivia Griffin * Butler-Fearo
The Butterfly Slipjig in E minor played by brothers Éamonn & Fionán de Barra on Tin Whistle and Guitar, check out for step by step lessons on how to play this tune.

"Step-Hop 1-2-3"

"Twiddle Down, Step Step and Slide"

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An introduction to this song in standard tuning (chords D, G, A, A7 & Bm), followed by DADGAD tuning and variations on the main "D" chord. Part 2:

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