Sliders Sessions: slider party 2011 // wakeboard rail session, oTHErside slider session, Triple S - (Sardinia Slider Sessions), Day 1//Freeride Slider Session,

Sliders Sessions

Some slider action at RealWatersports with Julien Kepski (Liquid Force)
well no wind for a couple of days but that's the cool part about the event, we had a rixen little bro available...

song : al'tarba - mushroom burgerz

oTHErside Mike builds a badass slider and we give it a test run in Florida Bay, Islamorada. Find the oTHErside boardshop at :
It was the usual slider situation - windy until the slider comes out and once it's in place the wind goes away... With no decent forecast for the rest of the trip I was more than stoked that I at least got these two twenty minute sessions in on each of the sliders. These sessions weren't perfect but they made me realise that riding a rail or slider with a kite isn't just about besting your all-time hits, it's more about building on what you can do in that same session. As I've said before kiteboarding wil
Venyu Triple-S Invitational 2014 With a deteriorating North East wind, the call was for a "media day, lay day" to get the most of the early conditions. A few invitational riders dragged out the North A-Frame Slider and the Best Boot Kicker out to the 'dark side' of the slick for a short morning session. Here is a short video of what went down. Videography: Travis Mays, Jason Hudson Video Editing: Jason Hudson ( Cover Photo: Mike Hitelman ( Triple S Invit