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Slide & Glide Tutorial

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German Version. Moonwalk Tutorial - Slide Tutorial - C-Walk Tutorial


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everybody always be wanting to know how to do they slides this is how
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Learn how to glide for beginners in this step by step dance tutorial on sliding and gliding or moving left to right with quick footwork and smooth ...
Dancing will never be the same again. Everyone can moonwalk but the Michael Jackson side slide will take your dancing to a whole new level of cool. Pull off the Michael Jackson side slide and impress on the dance floor.

Please watch our other videos! If you have not watched our moonwalk video we highly reccomend that you do to get the basic motion of the side glide, because this move is slightly more difficult than the moonwalk, just practise everyday for a short amount of time and you'll be side g
A simple breakdown of the "glide" to the side.
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