Sleeping Draught: Pottermore: How to Brew Sleeping Draught (Worth 11 House Points), Инструкция варки зелья - Sleeping Draught

Sleeping Draught

Pottermore updated the house points in each potion and it turned out that brewing Sleeping Draught gives you the most house points so yeah..

Sleeping Draught is kinda easy but it's the most glitch-y potion because sometimes, even though you followed the procedures, it would tell you that you failed since you put the wrong amount of an ingredient or you put it in the wrong container.

1. In putting the Lavenders in the mortar, you could release it vertically above the mortar or horizontally but make sure it's close to the mortar (like what i did in this video) because sometimes, if some of the lavender petals missed the mortar, the counter doesn't count it and then everything would be confusing. Haha
2. Hold the bottle in the neck.. I personally find it easier to control the bottle when im holding it in it's upper left part.
3. In heating, just make sure that you maintain the temperature in the green level. You could do this by alternating the orange/middle button an

Second video of me taking video of potion making. Please rate up, i'd really appreciate it. Music might be disturbing, close if it is :P. Once again: i suck at recording, as i said on my other video. But anyway, the point is to help x) Well i don't know why the video is like so fast, i don't do potion that fast.. Anyways..
Enjoy brewing potions! ;D New videos of other potions making are coming soon.