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Skinned Alive

Gojira - The Link Alive - Lizard Skin
Музыкальный клип в исполнении певицы Ноа Лемберски (Noa Lembersky), созданный по заказу Международной антимеховой коалиции (International Anti-Fur Coalition / IAFC). Песня была выпущена с целью показать боль, страдания и убийства во имя меховой индустрии моды.
Song: Skin Her Alive
Album: Like an Ever Flowing Stream
Year: 1991

Ripped from their DVD "Live Blasphemies"...go buy it! :)


Haunted by my conscious
Living my life in hell
Didn't (fucking) hesitate
When I moved in for the kill

Screams echoed in the distance
And I cannot ignore
Smiling at the memories
When I slaughtered the whore

Skin her alive

Time has come to confess
I did it for the thrill
I had never [sings: "would never had"] dreamt of
That it would be so nice to kill

Blood colo
Presenting a gem in Death metal history, I bring you Dismember. From their 1991 album "Like an Ever Flowing Stream".
A new Mercy For Animals undercover investigation provides a startling
glimpse into "Catfish Corner," a fish slaughter facility in Mesquite,
Texas. Behind the operation's jaunty name lies a grisly reality. From
the water to the cutting table, fish are tortured -- suffocated,
skinned and dismembered, all while conscious and feeling pain.

For more information, visit:

Let's help these animals!

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Lee Bo Young's acting was SUPERB. She's QUEEN. This drama really gave me shivers and made me cry a river. For anyone who haven't seen it, I highly recommend.
I really wanted to make a full-length MV of this drama but there's no way to download it, and if there was, it'd take me alot of time. So I just compiled a small amount of the scenes I could find.

Korean Drama: God's Gift 14 Days
Program Used: Sony Vegas Pro 11

Народные умельцы - содоманьяки не сидят сложа руки. :)
Советую посмотреть, если хотите поднять себе настроение!
Dismember - Skin her Alive Live @ Death Feast Open Air 2011

Filmed by Rebecca for Partes Infamia

Легенды VHS перевода

Eurodance 90

Р е д к и й евроденс и все, что связано с 90-ми

Skin Alive @ Jack the Rooster 13.11.2009
Music video for Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death song, Salt.

Track 2 from the 1992 album, Tapping the Vein.
(Filmed by Natasha in 1080 HD)
Beth Hart performing on the Keeping The Blues Alive cruise
Beth Hart - Vocals, Keyboards, Jon Nichols - Guitar, Bob ...
Umpio, "Skinned Alive", from the LP Sauna released on both Terror and Obscurex in 2013.

Volunteering at Cheetah Experience, South Africa, got to baby sit Luna, the lunatic baby black leopard. Absolutely the cutest most adorable thing there until she sinks her claws and jaws into you. But, worth it.

"Feeding The World--- One Animal At A Time" Dolph C. Volker
PETA UK have released a shocking video claiming to be of crocodile farms in Vietnam, where the reptiles are kept in small containers their whole li...
A look into three massive rabbit fur farms and a slaughterhouse in China shows that rabbits are forced to live in cramped, filthy cages before finally being strung up and skinned—sometimes while still alive.

This case is hardly an anomaly: A previous PETA Asia investigation into a Chinese fur farm revealed that rabbits were shocked with electrical devices, causing them to scream in pain. No matter where it comes from—China, Sweden, the U.S., or anywhere else in the world—fur is always the product of a crue
Triumph Of Lethargy Skinned Alive To Death perform "Issabella Rossalini's Shoe" and "Salt" live in the KEXP studio. Recorded 1/29/2011.

host: Hannah Levin
engineer: Tom Hall
cameras: Jim Beckmann, Shelly Corbett, Christopher Meister
edits: Justin Wilmore
"Audio at 96kbps"
Label: Swap White Ltd
Format: Vinyl, 33 RPM, 12", Limited Edition, Hand Stamped
Country: France
Released: Jan 2014
Genre: Electronic
Style: Cinematic,Dub, Deep,Techno
Patagonia claims to sell "responsibly sourced" wool, but an eyewitness found workers plunging knives into the throats of fully conscious animals, cutting off sheep's tails and skinning lambs alive on Argentine farms in the network that supplies the outdoor clothing brand.

Watch PETA's shocking exposé and then take action against cruelty in the wool industry here:
all Movie Horror skinned alive / кожурой жив
Dismember - Skin Her Alive på Hultsfredsfestivalen 1992. Besök och kolla på fler filmer och annat från Hultsfredsfestivalen

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A gut-churning PETA video exposé reveals that life is hell for lambs and other sheep exploited for so-called "responsibly sourced" wool. A witness found workers in Argentina hacking into fully conscious lambs, starting to skin some of them while they were still alive and kicking, and otherwise mutilating, abusing, and neglecting lambs and sheep on farms in the Ovis 21 network—Patagonia's wool supplier.

Please, help these animals now:

A place for rare death metal photos & music : - Все треки прикрепляются к записям:3*почти)*
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Здесь вы найдете массу увлекательных роликов:
веселые моменты в игровом мире
забавные ситуации в реальной жизни
полезные советы
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В настоящее время известно, что рыбы чувствуют боль. На самом деле, чувство боли у рыбы во многом такое же как и у млекопитающих.
На видео можно наблюдать как рыба яростно машет хвостом и пытается вырваться, что свидетельствует о том, что она действительно чувствуют боль и безмерно страдает.
18 марта. Разогрев Diabolical.
1984 (Crucifix tribute Anniversary for 30 years of Dehumanization w/ original members Sothira Pheng , Jimmy Crucifix & guest, touring guitarist Drew) perform Annihilation, How When Where & Skinned Alive @ The Continental Club - Oakland, California 02/22/14
Capital Chaos TV can be seen on Comcast/Surewest Channel 18 and AT&T U-Verse Sacramento at 11:00 PM every other S
Название для этого клипа позаимствовано у фильма ужасов, где основные фигуранты фильма убивали людей, чтобы делать из их кожи предметы интерьера или одежду.
по вкусу 13-летний азербайджанский девушка жив-жив ограбили кожа.Армянский Убийца ребенка Зори Балаян

Tens of millions of animals are slaughtered and butchered in China each year. Animal fur is in high demand, and the Chinese deliver. What does not get exported outside of China usually ends up on a dinner plate. The sad fact is that the animals suffer horrendous torture. They are captured on the streets, and packed by the dozens into small cages, without ability to move. They are then tossed like inanimate objects from the trucks, onto the ground, hitting each other an
A PETA Asia investigation in China reveals horrific abuse of dogs whose skin then entered the leather market. Because of the lack of supply-chain traceability that is common in China and intentional mislabelling, products made of dog skin could end up anywhere in the world.

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