Skeleton Makeup: Lady Gaga Born This Way Skeleton Makeup Tutorial, Zombie Skeleton Makeup - inspired, So cool. Behind the scenes in a makeup effects studio -

Skeleton Makeup


All you really need to have is only some black eyeshadow, a brush and eyeliner and you're set.

This is my way of becoming the Lady Gaga skeleton from the Born This Way music video.
Quick video of my zomibification process for Halloween 2011.

Small - med makeup brushes
Fine paint brush
Contour/blush brushes
Grey and black eye shadows
Black and White face paints
and a shitload of practice.


Всем привет! С Вами канал Светлана Денякина!

Как сделать макияж грим скелета на Хэллоуин мы рассмотрим в этом видео уроке.
К этому вопросу нужно подойти достаточно необычно. Ведь этот Halloween празднуется уже не первый год, и уже никого не удивишь, что «я сделал мейк-ап скелета на Halloween». Поэтому включайте свой креатив, ловкость, умение рук и творите костлявый make-up. Но чтобы вам было не так сложно достичь пика грандиозного кельтского makeup самостоятельно и увидеть удивлённые лица (а, возможно, и
Halloween is never over for me :)
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What's dark, sexy and purple? Emo Lumpy Space Princess? Haha! Enjoy this haunting skeleton look that is perfect for a spooky occasion. I made this video months ago, but because I was traveling for 2 weeks non stop for my book tour, I finally had a chance to finish this video on Halloween night :) I wish I was able to upload it sooner, but it was impossible....12 flig
Как говорится, в этой жизни надо попробовать все, так что экспериментальное "бьюти" видео...
Как очень просто нарисовать грим Скелет для Хэллоуина без использования специального театрального грима, нам понадобится только два карандаша для глаз ;)<br><br><br><br>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br>WHAT YOU NEED:<br>White face pain (thick) <br>White powder <br>White eyeliner<br>Black eyeliner<br>Black eyeliner pot and angled brush<br>Black liquid eyeliner<
Еще больше крутых видео:
Here is my Lich look! If you're wondering what that is - it's basically an undead wizard. I created this look about.....two years ago now. It was a contest entry I did for eRaness' fantastic Halloween contest
At the time I was sick (Shocking -_-)
I'm always sick around this time of year without fail apparently
So I never actually filmed a tutorial for it

But I FINALLY did it! :D Woot!

Hope you enjoy and take care!

PS. I'll be the first to admit I'm still rather suck
Easy 1-hour halloween makeup by using only black & white pencils and black eyeshadows.
Yes, I'm aware it's not Halloween. All the better. Enjoy.

I've had a bad, bad day. Life goes on. Stay strong and don't lose momentum, dandelion heads. Listen to me! I am a skellington!

Song: 3:59 AM and How To Leave Your Body by the great John Murphy. No, these awesome songs are not mine! Nor do I claim any rights to-these-songs. Just a humble individual appreciating the noise.
For the perfect #dead look

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Prohibition Swing
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Выбери свой яркий образ и сделай макияж на [club59885131| Хеллоуин 2013 ] #halloween #хеллоуин #хэллоуин #halloween2013 #makeup #tutorial
Hope you enjoy my Full Body Skeleton Halloween Makeup Tutorial!!! ALL IMPORTANT INFO BELOW!!! & lets get this video to 3000 Likes ✰

What I used:
Black hair spray: Dollarama
Foundation: Covergirl 3in1
White Eyeshadow: NYX
Black Eyeliner: NYX
Black Eyeshadow: Urban decay Blackout
Mascara: Maybelline Falsies
Mac Fix +

For the body:
I wore cheap leggings and a turtle neck from Forever 21
I used white halloween face paint from the dollarstore and a skinny eyeshadow brush to apply the paint and a foundation br

Как сделать грим макияж Зомби макияж Скелета макияж на Хэллоуин? Zombie Skeleton Halloween

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Hello to all!!! Here in this video, I show a skeleton makeup transformation for Halloween.
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萬聖節就快到,今集主要介紹Zombie Boy 彊屍王子的化妝。等你萬聖節搶哂鏡!
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Check out Abe!!!!! Seriously! Check him out:

Poison Ivy Witch Tutorial:

Products Used:
Madeulook by Lex Night Owl Felt Tip Liner
Mehron Black and White Paints

I googled 'skeleton makeup' and found an awesome series of photos with makeup by Mademoiselle Mu, so I used that as a template and used what I had in my makeup collection to complete the look.

You will need:
-black and white cream makeup found at a Halloween supply store.
-black eyeliner/sharpener
-black and white eyeshadow to set the cream makeup
-a larger brush to apply the white powder, medium to small for the black powder and blending, and a very thin brush to apply the second layer
skeleton makeup

Maquiagem de caveira para o Halloween ou festas a fantasia.

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Выбери свой яркий образ и сделай макияж на [club59885131| Хэллоуин 2013] #halloween #хеллоуин #хэллоуин #halloween2013 #makeup #tutorial #грим #карнавал #шрам #макияж
Lady Gaga Born This Way Skeleton Makeup Tutorial - results / ergenisse
video wurde leider in einigen ländern wegen der musik blockiert :) deswegen hab ichs nochmal hochgeladen :D
Gagas favorite Little Monsters take her Born This Way inspiration to another level. If you love this as much as we do pass it on! And of course enjoy Mother Monster!!!
Lady Gaga's skeleton look from born this way video song



Skeletal makeup worn by Lady Gaga in Born This Way music video along with Zombie Boy, Rick 'Rico' Genest, whos original mask is tattooed. Rico first appeared in Thierry Muglers fashion video featuring remix of Gagas upcoming song Scheiße from Born This Way album. And then he get into Born This Way video. I'm a little bit envy to him, he just have those tattoos. What should I get to be interesting to Gaga?

I definitely need a new video camera! So big flaws in film, you can see the vertical lines in dancing part at the end.

Oh, and that moshing hurted so much! The wig was kind of heave and hanging in one spot of my hair!

Oops, I forgot the end credits, anyway thanks for watching, please rate comment and subscribe!

Music: Born This Way (Instrumental)

Выбери свой яркий образ и сделай макияж на [club59885131| Хэллоуин 2014] #halloween #хеллоуин #хэллоуин #halloween2014 #makeup #tutorial #грим #карнавал #шрам #макияж вступай в группу

А так же, самые свежие образы на Хэллоуин 2014 на бьюти ленте
Выбери свой яркий образ и сделай макияж на [club59885131| Хэллоуин 2014] #halloween #хеллоуин #хэллоуин #halloween2014 #makeup #tutorial #грим #карнавал #шрам #макияж вступай в группу

А так же, самые свежие образы на Хэллоуин 2014 на бьюти ленте
Ну и что, что Хэллоуин не близко, мне по...
Близится Halloween.✝
и этот макияж самый простой вариант.
всё очень просто.
Спасибо за лайк и подписку!♥
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Skeleton Hand Makeup Tutorial (Halloween) Nightmare Before Christmas

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UHD Makeup Tutorial of a Ghost / Zombie Pirate!
The AMAZING prosthetic piece used in this video is from: and
•The FABULOUS Costume is from:
•Official PinkStylist Merchandise! http://ww
Выбери свой яркий образ и сделай макияж на [club59885131| Хэллоуин 2014] #halloween #хеллоуин #хэллоуин #halloween2014 #makeup #tutorial #грим #карнавал #шрам #макияж вступай в группу

А так же, самые свежие образы на Хэллоуин 2014 на бьюти ленте
Howdy Guys:)
I finally got around to doing my first Halloween tutorial of 2010. I decided to go with a skull makeup as it's one of the ones that'll always be popular and it's easy and inexpensive to do. And all you have to do costume wise is to get a long black cloak with a hood and you're good to go!
I wasn't too precise or happy with the teeth I added but at least it'll give ye an idea for the costume, and I've no-one to blame as I was rushing it big-time!!
Anyhow, hope ye enjoy the tutorial!
Sorry abou
Watch in HD! :) Hey there! Halloween is literally right around the corner and I have a Skeleton/Skull Makeup Halloween Tutorial for you to try. If you’re not sure what to be for this Halloween, try this look and let me know how it goes. I tried to keep everything minimal and used six (6) makeup products to create this look and that doesn’t include the brushes…

As always, thank you so much for taking the time to watch my video. Don’t forget to LIKE this video, comment and SUBSCRIBE! xo Brigette.

Go to my B
Here is a scary Skull inspired makeup tutorial in a timelapse. I had alot of fun doing this as it was one of the first times you guys got to see my painting style as opposed to just makeup.

Posting brand new videos every Mondays and Thursdays!

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7 шагов к удачному замужеству!
Всегда нужно быть самой красивой - смотрите уроки и Наслаждайтесь...

I AM SORRY IF I SOUND SO WEIRD OR FUNNY OR THE FACT THAT I SAY "TOOTH' INSTEAD OF "TEETH" OR THE OTHER WAY AROUND. This was still my nervous stage where voicing over videos was hard. If you guys don't know what I am talking about, Film a video and do a voice over it. It's not that easy until you get use to it. But seriously....-_-

Hello Everyone! Sorry I am late with halloween posts, I have just been busy with school. Anyways, I love the skeleton look! I hope you all like it as much as I did. Please t
Makeup halloween Skeleton 2014

All you really need to have is only some black eyeshadow, a brush and eyeliner and you're set.

This is my way of becoming the Lady Gaga skeleton from the Born This Way music video.

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We’ve torn of the skin and left the muscle tissue and skeleton exposed in this dark and evil tutorial. We also went out to scare people with the makeup :-D


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Special products used:
Liquid latex
Baking flour

Gear used
Nikon D810, Nikon 50mm f/1.1 Ai-s, Final Cut Pro X, Pro Tools 11, Apple Macbook Pro 15" Retin
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Всем привет,так как скоро у нас хэллоуин,я решила сделать макияж Сахарного скелета ✯

Извините,если получилось кривенько,но я старалась ♥

Я надеюсь,что вам понравится,спасибо за просмотр!~





Hi all,so as soon as we have Halloween,I decided to do a makeover of a Sugar skeleton ✯

Sorry if it turned out wonky,but I tried ♥

I hope you enjoy,thanks for wa
Beauty guru
This video is about Skull/Skeleton sfx makeup
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Halloween make up
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i post photos of this look on my instagram SO long ago haha i apologize for the delay!!! it got hidden for a bit with all the videos i have recently filmed, but here it is...FINALLY!!! this look is pretty simple to do and i hope i explained in the easiest way possible for you how to achieve this look ! i know i rambled on a bit a few times but i hope you are able to understand what it is i did!
not many products are is a list of what you will need...

....products used

Hey! This is so far out of my comfort zone but I am so happy I decided to try this for you guys. This was the first time I've ever used face paint or attempted a halloween tutorial. I was a bit upset with how shiny it was, but I'm sure if I can do it, you can do it much better!
If you re-create this look, please hashtag #danimansutti on instagram/twitter/wherever you put it. :)

Im back on YouTube! Halloween is closer than you think, so take the time to practice some awesome makeup looks, like this one! Please like the video if you enjoyed watching and comment below on what you would like to see next. xoxo
Products Used:

-Joe Blasco cream base in White, Black and neon yellow
-Joe Blasco powder in "no color"
-Eye Kandy Glitter in Gold.

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All you need is white and black facepaint, a black eyeliner, black & grey eyeshadow, different brushes and a good reference picture :)

Want more?


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Music by Kevin MacLeod:
Один из вариантов макияжа на Хэллоуин.
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Pls watch in HD.

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Barragan in a vastro lordes who were recruited by Aizen (A shinigami) who betrayed his fellow comrades for power, he asked barragan to be part of his top 10 allies against shinigami. In the anime, he fought captain soifon who used her bankai for the first time as it's against her pride for it's too big for her, but barragan's power just turned it into dust before it hits him.... Thanks to one of
Выбери свой яркий образ и сделай макияж на [club59885131| Хэллоуин 2014] #halloween #хеллоуин #хэллоуин #halloween2014 #makeup #tutorial #грим #карнавал #шрам #макияж вступай в группу

А так же, самые свежие образы на Хэллоуин 2014 на бьюти ленте