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Sivu - Better Man Than He.
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песня под МРТ
Sivu - Better Man Than He Directed By Adam Powell 7" available on ...

Музыкант Sivu провел под аппаратом МРТ около 3 часов, исполняя композицию «Better Man Than He», чтобы затем смонтировать трехминутный видеоклип. Для здорового человека, в теле которого отсутствуют ферромагнитные имплантаты, не выявлено негативных побочных эффектов МРТ, однако столь длительное пребывание в магнитном поле высокой напряженности может привести к незначительному нагреву тканей.
Sivu - Something On High (The Debut Album) - Out 13 Oct

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Watch Sivu playing an exclusive version of his song 'Better man than he', with brass, in Cap Blanc Nez, in the North of France.

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Sivu - Something On High (The Debut Album) - Out 13 Oct

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The past few months have seen what is surely just the beginning of a hectic schedule for Cambridge based wonderkid Sivu. We've playlisted each single from the the previous EPs, so enamoured are we with his voice, his songs, and soon - his entire debut album.

'Something On High' will be released on October 13th, and Sivu will be supporting Nick Mulvey on his upcoming UK dates. He popped in to see us on Amazing Afternoons during his tour with R

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