Simple Plan - Can't Keep My Hands Off You: Simple Plan - Can't Keep My Hands Off You (feat. Rivers Cuomo), Simple Plan-Can t Keep my hands off you Ft.Rivers

Simple Plan - Can't Keep My Hands Off You

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1-й сингл с альбома Get Your Heart On!(2011)
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featt. Rivers Cuomo from Weezer
Simple Plan performing "Can't Keep My Hands Off You" live at Le Radiant in Lyon (Caluire), France on september 01st, 2015.
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Simple Plan performing "Can't Keep My Hands Off You" at the Calgary Stampede on July 13, 2012.

Simple Plan - Can't Keep My Hands Off You live @ Arena Moscow, Russia 13.04.2012

Ну чьот якось типу так с: Тотал Камбек |m| J_J |m|

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Simple Plan - Can't Keep My Hands Off You
Material: Fender Telecaster (Jim Adkins) + AC Booster + Vox VT30

Squier Telecaster custom H-H
Marshall MG30DFX-E

Simple Plan-Can't Keep My Hands Off You Rock Am Ring 2011

"Vans warped tour - 2011" (July 29, 2011)
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Клипец просто класс!
Simple Plan - Can't Keep My Hands Off You
Best Buy Theater
New York City
November 29, 2011

GYHO Tour in Jakarta 17 Jan 2012 Set list:
Shut Up
Can't Keep My Hands Off You
(snippet of I Gotta Feeling in the middle)
When I'm Gone
My Alien
You Suck At Love
Thank You
(towards the end, replaced '... more)
Your Love Is A Lie
Summer Paradise
Fuck You(Cee-Lo) / Dynamite(Taio Cruz) / Raise Your Glass(Pink)
Jet Lag
This Song Saved My Life
Welcome To My Life
I'd Do Anything
Loser Of The Year
I'm Just A Kid
Encore 2:


The guys made this video for
Simple Plan - Can't Keep My Hands Off You (Bridge TV)
Альбом: Get Your Heart On!
Hi! This is my video of the single by Simple Plan! Can't keep my hands off you.
I played the chords by ear.
In this song I play a mini solo...I just improvised...but you can play what u want!

Let's try @simpleplan watch this by twitter!
-*Thanks for the support! Seb Lefebvre watched this by twitter*_!!!

If you wanna make friends, talk about music and stuff....follow me on twitter!
Мои любимые Simple Plan. Акустика. Все на высшем уровне.
Channel 96-1 was proud to have Simple Plan perform live in our green room on Thursday, July 28! They treated their fans to an intimate acoustic performance of I'd Do Anything, Can't Keep My Hands Off You, and their newest single Jet Lag, from the album Get Your Heart On.

Watch all three songs at
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Simple Plan Live Rock Am Ring 2011, June 5 in Germany
I don't own ANYTHING!

From their new album Get your ♥ on
I love it :)

Simple Plan performs an acoustic version of 'Can't Keep My Hands Off You' live on their tour bus at the 2011 Vans Warped Tour in Scranton, Pa., on July 15.

Video production by
For more videos check out
Simple Plan performing 'Can't Keep My Hands Off You' at the soundcheck party in Glasgow's O2 ABC, 3rd May 2012.
Live in Arena Moscow Club
By DimmMan ©
Simple Plan - Can't Keep My Hands Off You (Live @ Warped Tour 2015)
Chicago, IL
July 25, 2015
Simple Plan performs "Can't Keep My Hands Off You" live in concert, July 2011, at the Vans Warped Tour at Shoreline Ampitheatre in Mt. View California.

This performance was part of the Vans Warped Tour 2011.

This song is also part of Disney's "Prom" Soundtrack.

Simple Plan performing their songs at Ursynalia..
Pierre's saying Jestes Piekna Kocham Cie Dziekuje !
" I want a polish girlfriend that can make me some homemade ketchup ! " xD

He said too that they come back to Poland when the new album comes out !!!

second gig in Warsaw, Poland - 03.06.2011

Title: Can't Keep My Hands Off You
Artist: Simple Plan
Featured Artist: Rivers Cuomo
Album: Ever After
Release Day : April 20, 2011
*disclaimer, I do not own any of the content in this video, I just added the lyrics in. For entertainment purposes only.
Lyrics are also in description.

Oh oh oh let's go
My Fender strat sits all alone
Collecting dust in the corner
I haven't called any of my friends
I've been MIA since last December
My blackberry's filled up with E-mail
© 2011 WMG
Check out a behind the scenes look at the making of Simple Plan's video "Can't Keep My Hands Off You" ft. Rivers Cuomo from the PROM Motion Picture Soundtrack.

Simple Plan's new album in stores June 21st.<br/><br/>
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New song by Simple Plan. played live at warped tour 2011 in Dallas Texas!

Proudly presented by
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Simple Plan performing "Can't Keep My Hands Off You" from Get Your Heart On live in Frankfurt on 10th May 2016.

Taking One For the Team - Tour
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Simple Plan -- Can't Keep My Hands Off You
Concert de Simple Plan al Sant Jordi Club de Barcelona.

27 febrer 2016
Оператор: Николаев Игорь
Simple Plan
Can't Keep My Hands Off You

I screamed my heart out and I will love them forever. Another perfect day !

First row
July 18th 2015
Ottawa Bluesfest 2015