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"Silently" Clara MOTO


Geneva Airport. July 2007. It's a two-hour wait in Terminal 3 before boarding for sleepy-eyed Clara. Coffee is helping. She is headed for the Montreux Festival, to open for Matthew Jonson's Cobblestone Jazz. Only a few weeks back, she was performing at Barcelona's Sonar, making this her second appearance at a major international festival.

Born in Graz, a pretty Austrian town steeped in history, she grew up in a house filled with the instruments her parents had collected over time. There was a piano on which she practised as a teenager and a hi-fi system on which she played Kruder Dorfmeister's and De La Soul's latest productions on repeat. Clara loved the idea and feel of vinyl. She cut her teeth playing records on Tuesday nights at her student bar. A small team began to form around her, soon followed by the launch of the Houseverbot label and the Birds parties, Postgarage