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Sigur Rós: Varúð


Music video by Sigur Rós performing Varúð. (P) 2012 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Sigur Ros under exclusive licence to EMI Records Ltd
Sigur Rós - Varúð
Travel, nature, freedom. Crossing over oceans, climates, and continents. Road trip around Iceland with a few friends. The awesome powers of the Earth. The beautiful sounds of Sigur Rós. The track title is Varúð. In English, you pronounce the ú like 'oo' in 'cool', and the ð like 'th' in 'rather' (according to Lonely Planet's 'Iceland'). It means 'caution', which is suitable because Iceland is a wild, dynamic landscape consisting not only of ice, but of liquid water as well. It can also be extremely windy th
Клип на конкурс от группы Sigur Ros. И моя первая нормальная работа.
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"Video for "Valtari Mystery Film Experiment" Sigur Rós Competition.
Sigur Rós inspire me to make something beautiful every time I listen them. This is the story I've seen in a dream when asleep to the songs from the new album.
This story has several meanings. Several colours. So just watch and listen. I hope you will find something for you in this story.
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Story, camera, editing - SteppeGrass. C
очень нежное и трогательное видео хД
Director: Egill Bjarki (Iceland)
Starring: Arthur Tselishchev
Location: Shanghai 2012
Shot on the RED Epic in Brighton, UK
Past and future - memories of a childhood This is a story of a kid who grew up and discovered the world alone giving value to the smallest things around him. The years passed and the same kid returns to the same place and digs out those objects and when he sees them he starts to have all these mixed feelings.
Возвращаемся к трогательному) Sigur Ros дарит нам очередной шедевр)
This is a journey of a man who walks his way from frozen loneliness, into belonging and happiness. This video is a love letter to nature and I wish each person who watches it will feel like dancing, hug a tree or plant one. With love Hadas Director and Choreographer - Hadas Fisher-Oren Photographers- Asaf Oren Second camera - Alexander Hector Editor- Asaf Oren Actor - David Garcia Garcia Dancers - Anna Jarrige, Emanuelle Nedelcu, Judith Laub, Letizia Monea, Naama Ityel.

Sigur Rós - Varúð

Life, Love and the Afterlife...

Sigur Ros Valtari Mystery Film Experiment Entry
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Rebirth of the soul

Valtari Mystery Film Experiment contest
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Varúð by Inga Birgisdóttir
Valtari is available to purchase now:

early morning, darkness, promises.
Damavando Imageworks.
Ali Oliazadeh

This is our try at the Valtari film experiment. It was filmed on an island on the west coast of Norway, Kalvåg, where we're from. Please watch in HD, and enjoy!

Hope you like it.
Concert dans le théâtre antique de Fourvière, à Lyon (France) en 2013 - Découvrez d'autres vidéos full HD du live sur ma chaine :

Concert in the ancient theater of Fourvière in Lyon (France) in 2013. See some other full HD videos of this live in my Youtube Channel :

Один обычный день ничем не примечательного человека в сравнении с масштабностью окружающего нас мира.
Но красоту и величие можно найти даже в самых простых, обыкновенных вещах...
I was the Director of Photography on this project. At first, I wasn't too thrilled with the color treatment, but after a few viewings it's grown on me a bit. It's very different than how I would approach it, but maybe that's a good thing. ---------------------- Created for the Sigur Ros Mystery Film Experiment competition. The music of Sigur Ros screams for visual accompaniment. Epic yet intimate, equally at home in a concert hall as in a pair of headphones, the cinematic qualities of the music ar
Varúð by Inga Birgisdóttir - Taken from the "valtari mystery film experiment" - more details:
Two lovers explore each other through intensifying colours. A journey from pure innocence, through joy and happiness, to the pain of unstoppable passion.

When I heard Varúð for the first time it reminded me of being in love and heartbroken at the same time. I wanted to portray this feeling of love that can't be fulfilled. While shooting, I played Sigur Rós to capture the real emotions the music evoked in my actors.
Thank you Sigur Rós.
Shot in London wi
sigur ros valtari film experiment - a collection of 16 short films made for the valtari album. out now on dvd, blu-ray & download here: for all valtari retail formats click here:

taken from the "valtari mystery film experiment" - more details:

Music video by Sigur Rós performing
Sigur Rós 'Valtari' Mystery Film Experiment: Varúð by Ryan McGinley
Taken from the "valtari mystery film experiment" - more details:
Valtari is available to purchase now:

Music video by Sigur Rós performing Varúð. (P) 2012 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Sigur Ros under exclusive licence to EMI Records Ltd
The profound beauty of the universe, the arresting necessity of mortality, and the liminal spaces in between. These concepts that govern our lives are played out in the contortions of desiccating flowers and are given voice by the bittersweet soundscapes and piercing melodies of varúð. By immersing ourselves in them them we learn about our lives and place within the cosmos.

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VERY GOOD SOUND!!! Arena Wien. See FULL show here:
recorded with "Panasonic Lumix TZ7"

valtari mystery film experiment Andrew Pershin Russia 2012
Not the official but still my favourite video to Varúð

A tale of lost love told through the eyes of beautiful Traverse City, MI. Created for the Sigur Rós Valtari Film Competition. Please follow the link below to vote for our video!

Музыка, видео Sigur Rós - Leaning Towards Solace feat. Dauðalogn and Varúð
Amazing Sigur Rós song from 2012 Valtari album.

Captured in HD 720 pixels by Regis Vernissage, somewhere @ Mogi das Cruzes.
by Айгерим Жумадилова
Sigur Rós - Varúð (The Inituition Remix)
Song of june 2012.

Let me know your experience with the song.

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sigur rós - varúð Written, directed produced by MOKOST MOKOST: Robert Jäger Jens Heinrich This video is the contribution of MOKOST for "The Valtari Mystery Film Experiment". Thanks for your support and please vote for this video here: (Voting starts September 11) Credits: Actors: Maria Müller / Benjamin Pannwitt / Susann Zeisberg / Robert Jäger Kristin Zeisberg / Philipp Rührold / Viktoria Letjuk / Jens Heinrich 3D: Martin Petrasch
Sigur Rós performing "Varúð" live at Wembley Arena, London on November 21st, 2013.

All rights reserved to the artist. No copyright infringement intended.
For the Valtari Mystery Film Experiment ( This was the first time I had attempted any sort of video production. Thank you to everyone involved.

Directed, Produced, Written, and Filmed by Bryan McIndoe.

Shot with a Canon GL2, Canon T3i, and an iPhone 4s

Clip from Sigur Rós

Приглашаем в группу "Натуризм* Людина і природа - одне ціле.))" Sigur Rós performs at Lollapalooza in Chicago Illinois at Grant Park on August 5, 2012!

This video was created as an official entry into The Valtari Mystery Film Experiment. Director/Editor/Cinematographer: Jeff Ray ( Starring: Rebekah Downs & Dietrich Schmidt Hair & Make-Up: April Downs Special Thanks To: Dr. Michael Moossy, Dale & Glenda Rhodes, Happiness Hart & Gianna Mares, Eddie Hart & Noah Paul Mares, Randy & Becky Schmidt Contact:
удмуртские каникулы - Маяк в Мире Музыки
★ Sigur ròs "Varúð" ★ Valtari Mystery Film Experiment ★

★ written and directed by Saverio Luzzo ★ starring: CRISTINA BLACKWATER ★ production manager ANGELIKA KINGA CZURYSZKIEWICZ ★ d.o.p.: MIRKO SAYDO MIMI ★ d.o.p. assistant: DANIELE "er Banana" GIOIA ★ director assistant: PAOLO MAURO ★ sfx artist: GIULIO FIORITO & FEDERICO LORENZO MATTIOLI ★ VOLOVISIONE FLYCAM: RPAS camera director: SIMONE PULEJO ★ RPAS camera pilot: ROMANO CASAROLA ★ RPAS flight eng: EMANUELE BRAMBILLA ★location manager: ANDREA
song : Varúð by Sigur Rós

filmed with : IPhone 6s

edit : adobe premiere pro

happiest moments like this are unusual, appreciate them with all your heart
:: Video for Sigur Ros "Valtari Mystery Film Experiment" ::

The story is about the mysterious place, where it's not allowed to forget about the time. Every second is given to bring a dream to life, when losing sense of time leads to losing a life.

Directors: Jaroslav Ziko & Nonna Varley de Gubek
Cinematography: Nonna Varley de Gubek
Editing, post production: Jaroslav Ziko

Oksana Zintšenko
Cedric Varley
Nonna Varley de Gubek
Nandine Varley
Jaroslav Ziko
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Thanks for all the people that voted for us in the Sigur Rós 'Valtari mystery film competition'! There were some amazing entries and it was great to be a part of so much creativity.

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