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Sigur Rós: Rembihnútur - Маяк в Мире Музыки
the valtari mystery film experiment - competition entry

A film by Slawek Jankowski
Music: Sigur Rós - "Rembihnútur"

Contest's voting starts at 11 September 2012:
Cast: Maja Krzyzanowska

Rembihnútur by Alexandr Tumenok
Rembihnútur by Alexandr Tumenok
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Unicorn in my film is the embodiment of the forces and feelings that overwhelmed me every time I listen to Sigur Rós. He is a guide in the world where everything is possible. Enjoy the journey ♥

〳Direction, edit, post, costumes, girl part 〵Nastya Sladkova
〳Shot 〵Vladimir Teplyakov
〳Unicorn part 〵Serge Govorun

Rembihnútur by Arni Kinski
Черно-белое лаконичное видео, компиляция небольших зарисовок, видеопортретов людей, которые находятся в состоянии медитации. Это и женщины, и мужчины, и пожилые люди, и молодежь и даже совсем дети. Они пытаются обрести гармонию везде – и дома, и на природе, и на работе, и просто в городе.
Mystery film experiment
Official entry for the Sigur Rós Valtari mystery film competition A mysterious figure roams the ancient landscapes of dreams long forgotten. Thanks for your support and please vote for my video here (Voting starts September 11) - - - - - - // Directed, Filmed, Edited Animated by: David Anthony Parkinson // Character, concept costume design by: Sybil Lebois // Special Thanks: James Parkinson, James Virginie Behrendorff, Duncan Muffin, Ben Dowie, Tony Susie Parkinso
в каждом кадре
Official entry for the 2012 Sigur Rós Valtari mystery film competition
A mysterious figure roams the ancient landscapes of dreams long forgotten.
Music: Sigur Rós - "Rembihnútur"
©2012 David Parkinson
Made for the Sigur Rós Valtari film competition. Produced by Antônio Ternura, Ieve Holthausen, Sérgio Guidoux and Tuane Eggers. Collaborators: Bruno Carboni and Biel Gomes.
Walk through a peaceful journey up in the mountain with five passionate hikers. It's all about sharing truthful moments in nature. --- Many thanks to Sigur Rós, Nicolas, Céline, Alexandre & Henri. Entirely shot on the Vallaisonnay tour (Vanoise, French Alps) with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II during summer 2012. --- Credits | A short video clip by Mathieu Le Lay Music by Sigur Rós - Rembihnútur (Valtari) --- Websites | http://www.sigur-ros
sigur ros valtari film experiment - a collection of 16 short films made for the valtari album. out now on dvd, blu-ray & download here: for all valtari retail formats click here:

taken from the "valtari mystery film experiment" - more details:

Music video by Sigur Rós performing
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Sigur Rós is a fiery heart engine perpetually powering a trans-dimensional locomotive through a panoply of tones, carrying souls through vastly expanding dreamlike terrains. Within each song a bird is freed from it's cage, to take flight in a synaesthesia of feelings and emotions who varies in temperature from warm to cool. The music shares with life, something new and refreshing is always happening.
Valtari, 2012.

Imágenes de "A Day With The Boys" de Clu Gulager, 1969.

*Todos los derechos reservados a sus respectivos autores.
Shot for Sigur Rós Valtari Film Competition - Rembihnútur. Camera crew: Director of Photography: Edgar Dubrovskiy Director/Producer: Peter Sandler

Mother Earth. She Is. And She Always Will Be. In Spite Of All. In Spite Of Us. Life Always Find A Way. if you like this film, support our entry voting on 'talenthouse' at this link: music by sigur rós film by tak kuroha antonello schioppa starring claudia vismara susanna giaroli cinematographer ugo perazzini a.d. marzia de clercq make-up paola bianchera a.c. alvise tedesco film editor daniel leek special thanks giulia telli • jacopo rondinelli • frances
Sigur Rós - Rembihnútur
Animation by Otilia & Edward Fleissig
Submission for the Valtari Mystery Film Experiment competition.

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Marina Mendo
Bolívar Gomes

Written and Directed by
Kellen Zee