Siberian DJ Live: Dj Justin@Live At Siberian Dj's summit.2007., DJ Yoda & The Trans-Siberian March Band // LIVE @ Kendal Calling 2012, DJ Yoda & Trans

Siberian DJ Live

Маленький кусочек лайва,снимал кто-то из зала)
Белый диджей на #Transsibfest

Kendal Calling 2012: Special Collaboration between DJ Yoda & The Trans-Siberien March Band
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Kendal Calling is an award-winning, innovative, independent festival based in the Lake District. It features pioneering contemporary music and art alongside traditional rural entertainment. We pride ourselves on being the most fun you can have in the countryside with fields full of activities and attractions
DJ Yoda and Trans Siberian March Band perform versions of "Dibby Dibby Sound", "Simon Says" and "Higher Ground" at Bestival 2013.

Edited by Sarah Mann, Piers van Looy and Rob Kelly

Cameras: Lewis Foster
Dominic Dorrin
Daniel Morgan

Colour grade and audio mastering - Rob Kelly
SIBERIAN TECHNO COMMUNITY/ Live in Garage Techno DJ Vilside 21.12.12 →