Shut Up & Sing: Singing Version of Can You Shut The Fuck Up Vine, when the birds sing "Yo shut the fuck up !!, Zeds Dead & Greta Svabo Bech - Shut Up

Shut Up & Sing

Disclaimer: We do not own this vine, however since most people nowadays don't have Vine we'd like to spread awareness of this guys amazing voice. Credits go to Singing Viners on Vine.

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Incredible vocals and lovely melody! What more can one ask for?

Zeds Dead

Greta Svabo Bech

Artwork by Kuldar Leement

I like this song very much. Original sung by 김민석 (Kim Min-seok)
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When Kitten and the Hip turned up at the auditions, the Judges weren't quite sure how this duet would work, and after seeing them perform Shut Up and Dance, they all made their feelings very clear. But how does Kitten react to the news?

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Rydel Lynch Shut Up And Let Me Go R5 Concert Freehold NJ Encore Event Center<br/><br/>
Sorry for my little mistake Sunny should be 4 and Yuri 5 ...and if Jess was there she'll be in 2nd place

Guys I'm a Sone and I didnt include Jess in the video because she is not in SNSD Anymore..That doesnt mean that I dont support her, of course I do. I support snsd and Jessica. (And even haters know that she her singing is amazing)
This is for those who always say that SNSD can't sing which is a total lie...HERE IS THE PROOF!
Whitney singing to Shut up by Bep
and bobby getting down!


SONG: Greta Svabo Bech - "Shut Up & Sing" (Lazer Lazer Lazer Remix)
Mello quiere dormir con todos ;D
(Pero Matt no va a dejarlo XD)

Espero que les guste el video n_n
Produced by: Documovie
Director of Photography: Jamie Quantrill
Styling: Marianna Mørkøre
Makeup: Julia Jacobsen, Rannveig Hansen, Sanna Mortensen
Dancers: Gunn Reginsdóttir Joensen, Jóna Hvannastein
Gymnasts: Bogi Berg, Jákup Davidsen
Still Photographer: Katrin Svabo Bech
Music Producer: Fred Ruddick
Thanks to: Vága Kommunu, Klippfisk, Barbara i Gongini, Haldis Svabo Jørgensen, Andrew Djurhuus, Løgreglan, Gretha Svabo Jørgensen, Eyðun Svabo Samuelsen, Sendistovan

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Это история о группе друзей, которые собрались вместе, что бы спеть на свадьбе своего друга. Репетиция назначена на выходные, в охотничьем доме. Во время долгого уикенда, друзья весело размышляют о том, как складывается жизнь, и каких успехов достиг каждый из них.
Веселые воспоминания, сексуальные фантазии, невероятные приключения на свадебной вечеринке. Однако не всегда все складывается так, как хотелось бы…
Teen King and Queen Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo sing Walk The Moon's "Shut Up and Dance" on ASAP Fans Day.

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Greta Svabo Bech - Shut Up & Sing is released 6th September along with remixes from Zeds Dead, Designer Drugs, The Frederik and an acappella 'with a twist'.

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Документальный фильм про скандал с Бушем и те 2 года, которые прошли, прежде чем группа вернулась на сцену...что только не творила озлобленная толпа, СМИ, политики....а все равно эти три храбрых женщины нашли в себе смелость вернуться и доказать, что они - одни из лучших...
Clip tourné en 20 minutes dans le local de Dead Pop Club, en toute fin de répétition. Manque plus que l'odeur de la sueur, mélangée à celle de la bière. "Shut The F*** Up and Sing" est extrait de l'album Home Rage.