Showreel 2012: Unite 2012 : Game Showreel, Showreel-2012, Luna R Acting Showreel 2012, Michael Vysochin - Showreel 2012, Showreel DOP 2012, Dahlialynn - Dragon

Showreel 2012

A showcase of some of the latest and greatest Unity authored titles, as shown at Unite 2012 conference in Amsterdam.
Acting Showreel for Luna Rioumina

Клуб Морд-Сит
Михаил Высочин, команда Fast Clan, г.Орск, Оренбургская область.

Оцениваем ребят ;) Это его первое видео...)

A compilation of real-time cutscenes and machinima I've designed using the Eclipse engine Dragon Age toolset and peripheral software.

For more info on some of the scenes in this video, please check out my portfolio:

With the exception of coding, textures, modeling and level creation, I was responsible for all camera work, lighting schemes, VFX implementation, music & sound design, staging, mo-cap animation manipulation, storyboarding, project concepts & development, t - сайт WDA
Наш паблик:
Наш канал:
Мы (WDA) на tumblr -
Мы (Worlddragonage) в Твиттере -
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A collection of our favourite work.

Take a look at this great collection of work Jonathan has completed over the last few years. Mainly showcasing working from Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and has now been updated with work from TED. Jonathan's role on each shot is listed along the bottom and there are a few FX breakdowns at the end of the reel. Enjoy!

(3d Studio Max, Nuke, FumeFX, pFlow, Thinking Particles, Krakatoa)

All work done at Iloura DP - Melbourne, Australia.

Check out more of his great work here: jonath
A demonstration of my rigging work from 2012 for the short film 'The Alcoholemist'. All character setup by me. Animation by Alexander Hewitt Alchemist and Pidgy Modelling by Levi Rice Lute and Pidgy Modelling, Lute Texturing by Matthew Graham
Новое видео от атлета Романа :)
Автор: - Одежда для паркура - Обувь для паркура - Секция паркура Night Rush Around the World 1 here: Night Rush Around the World 2 here: Cameras: Nikon D800, Nikon D700 (Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8, Nikon 17-35mm f/2.8, Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8) Canon EOS 5D Mark II (Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM, Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 L USM) 24 Locations: Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama - Japan Shanghai, Beijing, Hong, Kong, Nanjing, Shenzhen
Творческое объединение «MART»


Canon EOS 5d MK II..
Editing Final Cut Pro X
Location OpenSpace Teather ( Agrigento ).

Direct By: Francesco Montefusco
Editing by: Francesco Montefusco
Assistant: Giuseppe Guarneri
оператор и монтажер - Евгений ОПРЯ
Загрузил на ютуб в хорошем разрешении, но из-за авторских прав на музыку оно сюда не экспортируется. А так, приятного просмотра)
Showreel containing my first year of motion design, both client and personal projects. D&AD 2012 Yellow Pencil Winner : HP Creatively Different BassAwards 2012 Best Young Talent : T4 Wake Up Sound : Paul Simon - Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard Thanks for watching!
Режиссер - Евгений Пузыревский
Оператор-постановщик - Илья Любимов
Отчет за 2012 год. Включаем hd в настройках.
Ждем 2013-ый!
This is the outcome of my work for the last couple of years. A good way to start a channel here on vimeo :) Hope you enjoy it!
A little update of my old showreel... yes, same music, and the sound needs some cleaning up, working on it! hope you like the new stuff in there anyway :)
Various bands ive filmed in the past year. Shot on a Canon 60D and 5D mkIII Bands include. The Almost Tigertown Gungor The Chariot I The Mighty Northpoint And other various artists. Song: This will destroy you-The world is ours
Постпродакшн Студия Сергея Солодкого
First year of working with 3D animation. Автор: Александр Васильченко
Работы участников клуба
#animationclub #animation #3D #portfolio

Lucas Boutin Chinese Pole artist graduated from Circus Space London.
Video from Mark Morreau,
Music Birdy Nam Nam
My name is Olof Storm. This is my showreel for 2012 containing both commercial and personal work. All commercial work were created at Stinkdigital London. Hope you like it! Contact:
Here is a poppin Showreel by our good friends over at Vando Studio. You've seen their work in several venues and they are pumping out some great work as a full service 3d Animation, Visual Effects and Post Production company based in Barcelona, Spain. Vando is comprised of two Spain´s top visual graphic talent with a combined experience of over tem years in the industry. Vando thrives on challenging projects in film, advertising and gaming.

To find out more about VANDO check out: http://www.vandost
Видеосъемка в Иркутске
Showreel, is the video equivalent of an artist's portfolio.
Showreel - это демонстрация лучших визуальных моментов, портфолио.
Результат деятельности за 1 год.

Видеонарезка некоторых работ производственно-технической группы отдела рекламы и связей с общественностю
The Ambassadors are proudly introducing their DNA! We've launched a new branch, where new and established talents in the field of Design and Animation prove their creativity and skills. Check out our DNA and let us know what you think. Individual reels on request.
оператор и монтажер - Евгений ОПРЯ
The quality of visual effects in television has now reached new heights of excellence. Studios working on mass-scale television projects are delivering film VFX with the pressures of tight budgets and quick turnaround times. Check out this reel, showing work created by our Episodic TV customers using NUKE, OCULA, MARI and KATANA. Music: Museum (Fakeout Funk) by Professor Kliq

A quick 3 minute video of gorgeous new model Bunny Carmen taken during our recent shoot together.
It was shot on a Canon 60D with a 50mm 1.8 lens.
Editing and some Colour Grading was done in Final Cut Pro X.
DOP - Yaroslav Kosovov
Editor - Tim Rizaev

music by Skrillex
A collection of timelapse and glidecam video demo
Лучшие MTB новости в группе

Это не новое видео, это просто моё портфолио за 2012 год.

Музыка: Dizzee Rascal – Holiday (Nero Remix)

Партнёр FLOW │
WFPF Филиал │
Про команда Take Flight │

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Showreel Студии Трейлеров...
showreel blur character modeling shading texturing
So I finally made a showreel. It is a mix of something old and of course the newest. I chose to make my showreel as an ongoing project, so always have the option to keep it updated, the plan is that each time has completed 2-3 projects, I will cut them into the current showreel. It is most projects that I had much fun with. A lot of personal projects and some from my work. Anyways, enjoy! Music: B.O.B. vs Zeds Dead - Beast Break (DOSVEC)

Works selection, personal and professional. Maximin Spotti french motion & graphic designer Music: Bad boy good man-Tape five
My latest showreel which is an update of my older private reel which can now be shown. This is some of my film texturing work from the past 3 years whilst I was at MPC and Cinesite. A more detailed shot breakdown is available on request.

Breakdown list responsible for the animation of all characters, all keyframe animation except where otherwise noted - Wolf - personal work - The Bourne Legacy - Spiderman - test animation - Cat test - personal work - Snow White and the Huntsman - John Carter - MoCap based work. Occasionally shots needed dramatic changes in which the original data became irrelevant. So shots were hand keyed to fulfill the directors vision
Best my videos 2012 ZAMWORKS
Новый участник команды Евгений Вишняк ""
смотрим подписываемся на паблик:)рассказываем друзьям ставим лайк:)) - вк паблик наш

This was a reel that was shown at the Nickelodeon Conference. It was edited before Dark Of The Moon moved to the 5th on the all time box office list.
2012 Showreel Mikrokopter Okto2 / Canon 600D / Panasonic FZ-47
A collection of professional and personal projects from 2012. This is my first showreel, I basically developed all the material in Adobe Illustrator / After Effects. Hope you enjoy.

This showreel is a short compilation of our work to briefly introduce you to what we do. If you want to find out more about our products you can visit our project page. ( Or if the showreel got you interested in working with us feel free to contact us. ( Music: Funkanomics - Jucachavezxx (

Music: The Glitch Mob – Warrior Concerto

Не большой ShowReel за 2012 год.
Если вам понравилось это видео, то огромная к вам просьба - нажать нравится и рассказать друзьям - возможно именно они ищут свадебного оператора!

Dmitry Serobabov: Sound/Visual/Operator
Valeriy Serobabov: Operator

Serobabov video solution - 2013
Демонстрация возможностей motion-дизайнеров компании AIZMEDIA
Wow digital-agency interactive and motion design showreel 2012 Шоурил диджитал-агентства Wow по итогам 2012 года

Шоурил из рекламных роликов, фильмов и музыкальных клипов с 2012-2014 года
Не судите строго
david belle unstopable yamakasi

Pilot: Þórður Karl Einarsson, Camera operator: Herbert Sveinbjörnsson, Egill Aðalsteinsson, Ingþór Guðmundsson, Elli Cassata Enjoy the latest showreel "Beautiful Landscapes" Showreel for Visual Connections New York 2012 The showreel contains time lapse stock footage from: New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Boston - USA Tokyo - Japan Shanghai, Beijing, Hong, Kong - China Singapore - Singapore Kuala Lumpur -Malaysia Bangkok - Thailand Dubai - UAE Doha
Новый шоурил (второй, в моей жизни).
Дайте работы мне, много вкусной работы, пофиг на деньги, главное чтобы в каждом заказе был вызов, чтобы прокачивать всевозможные скилы, оттачивать тупое мастерство :)
A few highlights from Wildlife's motion graphics + interactive portfolio.
after effects, trapcode, nuke
Тел.: +7 (912) 827-14-71

Сделано в IKRA Production
г. Киров, 2013
My 2012 showreel with both commercial and personal works. Full credits on my personal website. website: twitter: @therocketpanda
Follow me and Tweet me!!/sleep4shady
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Finally, here is a collection of work that I made so far
This reel include my edits of 2011-2012 and some new stuff
not include works recent 3 months though
so you can watch almost my work in 6 minutes
Please leave a like and fav and comment :)

btw I lost the motivation for montage editing after finished Agonized Ep.8
so was working to intros in recent 5 mont
Collection of my works only from current "official" job – Peretz tv channel, CTC-media, Moscow. Direction: Ageev Evgeniy Art-direction: Pobedin Max Lead designers: Aleksey Kuptsov, Malikov Andrey Music: Dub Pistols – Cyclone Contacts: Skype: cheb436

фотограф МАРИНА ШТИН
ТЕЛЕФОН: 8-902-800-31-81
САЙТ: //
Check out this professional showreel by the great talent Daniel Fotheringham.

Senior/Lead Animator based in Melbourne Australia.
- Specialized in keyframe creature/quadruped animation.
- 10+ years production experience, 8 years in film animation.

Digital Pictures Iloura -- Melbourne
Moving Picture Company MPC -- London
Double Negative DNEG -- London
The Mill -- London

Film Credits:
After Earth (2013) -- In Production
My first showreel - my summary of the last year. 2012 became a turning point for me. It was weird and useful. A lot of people and projects. Some of them are still in progress). I just wanna say 'Thank you' to everyone who was helping me! Stay tuned)

Принимаем заказы на видеосьемку , монтаж, постобработку, разработку индивидуального дизайна. наши контакты: Дмитрий Панков▼ +38 097 930 74 50 Карчевский Никита▼ +38 066 38 39 512

A massive thanks to all our incredible clients for contributing their amazing work.

Music: Kittens by Underworld. Special thanks to Mute Song Ltd Cooking Vinyl.
Жанр: Театр синтеза (драма, танец, пластика, вокал)

В спектакле речь идёт о женщинах, жительницах блокадного Ленинграда, об их эмоциональном состоянии и внутренних переживаниях . О чём они мечтали? Как любили? Ждали? Надеялись? Для автора спектакля важно показать не внешний ужас бл
Marcus Chaloner Motion Graphics Broadcast Reel 2012 Software: Cinema 4D, After Effects, SynthEyes, Audition, Premiere Pro Music: Digitalism - Blitz

Showreel 2012 (фотограф Александр Денисов)

Based in Paris, France and Los Angeles, California, BUF Compagnie (BUF) was founded by Pierre Buffin in 1984.[1] The company develops new software advances in visual effects (VFX) and computer animation for feature films, commercials, music videos and special venue projects. BUF’s pre and postproduction services have earnt industry nominations for Best Visual Effects and awarded innumerable technical achievement awards<br/><br/>
My first showreel, it's long overdue.. Enjoy!

To see more of my work, and to get connected with me:
Youtube Channel:

Мой рил за 2012 год,первый
Лучшие MTB новости в группе

TOM FERSTL - RIGGING TD - SHOWREEL 2012 0:38 Natalis Enki - Mocap Pipeline, Animation Rig, Deformation Rig, Skin Sliding, Cloth Simulation 1:51 Natalis Ea - Mocap Pipeline, Animation Rig, Deformation Rig, Face Capturing, Face Rig 2:32 Natalis Motion Capture Pipeline 2:57 Oh Sheep! - Rigging Shepherds, Rigging Sheep, Coat Cloth Simulation 3:15 Tools - Smooth Skin Weight Brush (Python with API Calls) 4:02 Tools - Partial Blendshape (C++ Plugin) 4:58 Tools - Dual Laplace Mo
Видео сделано в likeit.

Юрий Сугаков
Вадим Блошняница
Александр Кравцов
Алиса Селищева
Юрий Лантус
Стас Карандашов
Евгений Грабкин

Вадим Блошняница

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гранж в основном всякий мой
Продакшн студия INKOOP IMAGE FILM
- мы делаем КИНО!

★ Корпоративные фильмы
★ Имиджевые ролики
★ Промо и презентационные ролики
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★ Беспилотная Full HD съёмка с высоты более 100 метров
★ Подводная съемка


тел. +7 (3412) 244-113

Music: Woods - Pushing Onlys Sound Design: Dane Middleton from Brightling Sound Music: Shlohmo - Rained the Whole Time (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
It`s not supposed to show the hardest action and the biggest lines possible, it`s more about the moments, the people and surroundings making skiing the addictive lifestyle that

опять я собрал свои работы)) многие из которых вы уже видели.Так что извините)
Мой рил за 2012-2013
Видео создано студией Grapefruit video
Наши контакты:
Режиссер - Святослав Подгаевский CG - Сергей Воронцов Операторы - Николай Орлов, Евгений Макулов

My cinematography, CG, director's reel.

I apologize for the music in this video, I know it is very outdated and rude to edit videos with non-dubstep music. I'm sorry. It won't happen again!

Music: Sigur Ros - Saeglopur [2005]
Студия VIDECAM г. Берлин

Contacts: tel.: 8(926)104-48-30 web: e-mail: skype: michael_3d

Source channel -
Smitmedia community -
Презентационный ролик из работ созданных в 2011 и начале 2012

Всякое за год. Посвящается универсальному AZO и Джеки Чану ;D
music: Recreant - Guns 'N' Butta (EJ's Song)
Jackie Chan - Drunken Master 2
A two minute mashup of the various styles TALKING ANIMALS has to offer.

Интернет-магазин Pro-Bike. Велосипеды Commencal, Giant, Trek, Orbea, Merida,Scott. Одежда и защита Alpinestars (
Мини Видео, не очень получилось так как то недавние кадры, не всё успел снять(
This is my showreel for 2012. Collision - This is my final year graduation project at the ncca. Post-production: story development, storyboard and concept art Shooting: directing, camera operation, hdri and lighting on set and in the greenscreen studio. Digital elements: Modelling, texturing, simulations, shading, rendering, custom python script and houdini digital assets, compositing, video and sound editing. softwares: Houdini, Nuke, Premiere Pro CS5, Soundtrack Pro Vortex Digital Asset - T
Music: Nirvana-Scentless Apprentice
Director: Dmitriy Stenko.
A collection of VFX goodness from your chums here at Makuta, complete with breakdowns. For more info, please visit or email us at

special thx Igor "cheb"
skype: reunionworks
icq: 363387339
Все об экстриме и экстремальном спорте смотрите у нас в группе:
И на сайте:

Showreel 2012 Freerunning/Parkour/Gym
Training outdoor/indoor october to december 2012
Performer: Abel Djilali-Bouzina

Mix of shots from last year's video material. Stay tuned 4 more in 2013! Music: The Streets - In The Middle (Nero Remix) You can join us on Facebook - Thanks 4 watching :)

Основные проекты 2012 года за полторы минуты. (Мэппинг на здание Александринского театра, Мэппинг на здание Биржи, Мэппинг «Измени сознание» на Сицилии, Новогоднее поздравление Ascreen CG, Екатеринбург в 18 веке, Интерактивная выставка Gillette, Игровые приложения для музея Выксы, Телевизионные заставки, Историческая презентация – захват Изборской крепости, Контент для голографического театра, Фестиваль науки МГУ и др.) Технологии: Компьютерная графика/Видеомэппинг/ Моушн дизайн/ Анимация/Интерактивные
Ригер волшебник шаман: Sébastien Wackowiez
#setup #3D #maya #Rigging ,
Find us on Facebook: Showreel for Visual Connections New York 2012

The showreel contains time lapse stock footage from:

Shortform projects are all about delivering quality content fast. Modern-day audiences expect to see film-quality VFX in everything from idents and promos to music videos and commercials. This reel shows how our Commercials customers have used NUKE, OCULA, MARI and KATANA to do just that. Music: Plastic & Flashing Lights by Professor Kliq

collection of some of my work i did in 2012 and prior.

Damien Walters 2012
Музыка: Drowning_Pool__Reminded
И чтоб 3D Появилось нажмите на такой круглый значок где качества и появится 3D значёк<br/><br/>

►Сборка хороших видео и музыки Только у нас, вступайте к нам:)◄
The latest collection of my favorite work from 2011-2012. I had a great time working as a freelancer during this period and had the opportunity to work with great people. Working with this makes me smile and I hope to continue doing it and develop my work further. Thanks for watching :) /Linus Project / Client / My role 0:00 Reel Intro 2012 / Me / Everything. 0:14 I.G.U.T.I.W.A.E / Me / Everything. 0:22 Sandvik 150 Years / B-reel / 3D, Animation, Compositing. 0:26 Reel Intro 2010 / Me / Every
I spent the last winter filming in the mountains. I was lucky enough to spend time in British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon enjoying fresh snow, good friends, and the opportunity to document the season in a webisode series. Here's the best three minutes of the 2011-2012 ski season.

Freeski HD (
Works done by Frederic Colin and Fabien Gibert who are based in Paris. Our main job is to create impressive images. We are 3D/2D graphic artists but also directors, working specially with CINEMA 4D and additional software such as Zbrush and After Effects to add specific details.&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;
Анонс свадеб, лето 2012
Here i show you all what i filmed in 2012. The summary of several drifting events, track days and rugby matches. Be fan on Facebook or subscribe to my channel! thanks!

Jazz has been training for a few years less than myself, but he's always been there the whole time. He doesn't film near as much as I do but here are some clips we gathered for a little end of the year video. Hope you enjoy.


#1nstudio #1nshowreel
A compilation of my best work in motion graphics this year. Visit my website Follow me on twitter @PriscilaTowers Awesome song by Architecture In Helsinki- Escape

All work is credited within their individual videos.

illumination STUDIO - производство рекламных роликов, заставок, анимации логотипов, 3d графики, пост-продакшен.



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Рома Дубский
1)DJ Def Cut -- The Joint (All Star Mix)
2)Jay-Z Ka

Graduate reel featuring a selection of recent work both personal and professional. Details at<br/><br/>
Наши лучшие работы за 2012 год!
Лучшие моменты свадебного 2012-го года.
Showreel montage of motion designer and director Paul Clements Soundtrack : Rock'n'Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain) by Skrillex ------------------------------------------------- Follow at :​paulclementstv Website : ------------------------------------------------- Thanks for watching :)

Dreambox latest reel. All work designed and directed by Dreambox.

Выпускная работа Роуз в университете
A collection of proffesional personal projects from the past years. Besides the Kobe III TV10 scenes, I can proudly say i Animated, Illustrated, Art Directed, Modeled Composited the whole shebang! For full credits on individual projects please visit my site

A few samples of Luis's work in the film industry. For more information about Luis' upcoming Maya Dynamics Mentored Training please visit Also available for remote FX supervision, development of custom simulations for TV, film, commercials, music videos, etc. To discuss a specific project please visit

Спорт ➨ Мотивация. Философия. Психология.
More at

Режисер Андрій Приймаченко:

Music by Audio Machine.

Живи по - українськи!
Сторінка культурного опору!