Shaun Ansari: Shaun Ansari - Luxuria (Suncatcher's 'Wave Motion' Remix), Shaun Ansari - Indigo // Indigo Records, Shaun Ansari - Lahore (Original Mix), shaun

Shaun Ansari


I just searched in my 2010 favorites and had a great pleasure to listen to this track again. Well, it's Suncatcher, anything more to say? I don't think so... ;)
The power of the music, this trance's incredible, it transports you so far away!!!
Enjoy this stunning remix!!!


Shaun Ansari - Indigo // Indigo Records [INDIG075]
Genre: Trance,Prog-House,
Release Date: Apr 07 2011
Label: Indigo Records

1 Shaun Ansari - Indigo - Original
2 Shaun Ansari - Indigo - Insilico Remix
3 Shaun Ansari - Indigo - House of Elliott Remix
4 Shaun Ansari - Indigo - Chris Meehan RMX
5 Shaun Ansari - Indigo - Mike Hennessy Remix

Release Info:
♫ enjoy this wonderful dreamy tune by Shaun Ansari ♫

Feeling Good EP • © Indigo Records [INDIG071] •
release date:17.03.2011
1.Shaun Ansari-feeling good-original mix
2.Shaun Ansari-feeling good-AquAdro remix
3.Shaun Ansari-feeling good-Dj Ned B remix
4.Shaun Ansari-feeling good-Ivan Nikusev remix