Shaun Ansari: Shaun Ansari - Indigo // Indigo Records, Shaun Ansari - Luxuria (Suncatcher's 'Wave Motion' Remix), Shaun Ansari - M (ReOrder feat. Dave Deen

Shaun Ansari

Shaun Ansari - Indigo // Indigo Records [INDIG075]
Genre: Trance,Prog-House,
Release Date: Apr 07 2011
Label: Indigo Records

1 Shaun Ansari - Indigo - Original
2 Shaun Ansari - Indigo - Insilico Remix
3 Shaun Ansari - Indigo - House of Elliott Remix
4 Shaun Ansari - Indigo - Chris Meehan RMX
5 Shaun Ansari - Indigo - Mike Hennessy Remix

Release Info:

I just searched in my 2010 favorites and had a great pleasure to listen to this track again. Well, it's Suncatcher, anything more to say? I don't think so... ;)
The power of the music, this trance's incredible, it transports you so far away!!!
Enjoy this stunning remix!!!


Great tune to be Realeased officially this 1st March 2010 on Upbeat Music.

But its out now on Audiojelly.
Buy the tune here :

Tune : Upbeat artist ReOrder, who appears this time with the additional input of Dave Deen. The pair combine to use a shorter set of melody notes, a whistled sub-melody and a crashing breakdown.

Shaun Ansari - M/Luxuria (Incl. Remixes)

1. Shaun Ansari - M (Original Mix)
2. Shaun Ansari - M (Cylum & Valden Remix)
♫ enjoy this wonderful dreamy tune by Shaun Ansari ♫

when i first heard this track all i could think of was cheetahs Lol
Feeling Good EP • © Indigo Records [INDIG071] •
release date:17.03.2011
1.Shaun Ansari-feeling good-original mix
2.Shaun Ansari-feeling good-AquAdro remix
3.Shaun Ansari-feeling good-Dj Ned B remix
4.Shaun Ansari-feeling good-Ivan Nikusev remix