Sharon Brown: Sharon Brown - I Specialize In Love, SHARON BROWN - I Specialize In Love (15.05.1982) ..., Sharon Brown - I Specialize In Love (Late Night Tales

Sharon Brown

Американская модель, певица. Родилась 1 января 1943 года. "Мисс США" 1961 года. На конкурсе " Мисс Вселенная" в 1961 году стала пятой.
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"In 2012, I delivered a Yacht Rock mix for the Late Night Tales series, Music For Pleasure, and
“Getting slapped and being told that I'm amazing by @sharonneedlespgh was definitely one of the highlights of @rupaulsdragcon! Sharon continued by talking…”
Click "Show more" below for ++ eolas / info ! Ceolchoirm mhór, craoladh ón INEC, Cill Áirne, Co. Chiarraí, 2009 ar stáitse san INEC "Sharon Shannon has a tune in her head for every beat of her heart" Mike Scott, The Waterboys. Here Sharon Shannon was on stage for a New Year's Eve gig in Killarney, 31st December 2009.
Sharon Shannon
INEC, Killarney, Kerry
Sharon Brown - Doctor Love (Pete Herbert Dicky Trisco Edit) : Label - Disco Deviance : Edit of Sharon Brown - I Specialize In Love : Released - Feb 2010

Sharon Shannon and The Big Band - James Browns March live at INEC

A British Asian Comedian Can No Longer Afford to Buy a House Because of James Brown
Excerpt from new music by Brown & Gal.
Recorded by Matt Chilton in 2014
Produced and mixed by Andie Brown and Sharon Gal.
Edited from footage filmed at Cafe OTO's project space by Cathy Soreny and Emma Vickers.
All rights reserved Ⓒ ℗ 2014 Brown&Gal
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