Seville, Spain: 4KUBA @ Winter Festival 2009 in Seville, Spain , Access Denied and 4Kuba at Winter Fest (Spain, Seville) 4 apr 2009,

Seville, Spain

Огромный фестиваль, просто бешенный брейкс рейв из 8-10 тыс. человек с крутейшим лайнапом а-ля Pendulum, Freestylers Live, Noisia, Meat Katie, Deekline и тп.. В общем, все папы брейкса...

Участник фестиваля Северный Проект 2011 - V
4KUBA 26 СЕНТЯБРЯ Global nightclub (Krasnodar)
У нас такого никогда не будет =)))
Клуб Ломаных Ритмов (Break Beat, Breaks, Neuro Funk, Drum & basS, Dub Step)

Sevilla es un municipio y ciudad española, capital de la provincia homónima y de la comunidad autónoma de Andalucía. Cuenta con 696 676 habitantes en 2014, por lo que es la ciudad más poblada de Andalucía, la cuarta de España después de Madrid, Barcelona y Valencia, y la 31.ª de la Unión Europea. El municipio tiene una extensión de 140,8 km². El área metropolitana de Sevill
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Sunday 22 August 1999 - World Championships (100m) - Seville, Spain

1. Maurice Greene (USA) 9.80 (CR)
2. Bruny Surin (CAN) 9.84
3. Dwain Chambers (GBR) 9.97
4. Obadele Thompson (BAR) 10.00
5. Tim Harden (USA) 10.02
6. Tim Montgomery (USA) 10.04
7. Jason Gardener (GBR) 10.07
8. Kareem Streete-Thompson (CAY) 10.24

Premiere test drive of Honda CBR600F
Seville Cathedral and Real Alcazar, Andalusia, Spain. Recorded May 2012 in HD with Panasonic TM900.

More from Andalusia, Spain

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Baile: Fiona Malena, Guitarra: Fyty Carrillo y Idan Balas, Cante: Ana Gómez, Percusión: Sergio Fernández. El Monasterio de la Cartuja, Sevilla, España, 2011. Ciclo "Miércoles a Compás"

shot a doc on the holy week in Sevilla, Espana. We were the first shooters to use a steadicam type rig right up close. Also used Sony EX1. This is not the doc, this is just random shots.
Nightnoise - 'Nightnoise'- Live in Seville, Spain (1990). Gracias especiales a Jarramplas por subir el concierto entero a YouTube:

Triona Ni Dohmnaill (piano, vocals)
Micheal O'Dohmnaill (guitar)
Billy Oskay (violin, viola)
Brian Dunning (flute, whistles)
Live performance of the group "Nightnoise", unique reunion of talents from jazz and celtic music. They do a medley in this video: "After five", "Nollaig" and "At the races". I attended that concert that was aired by the channel one of the public Spanish TV (TVE1) in a program conducted by Ramon Trecet (Musica NA).
Crystal Method, NAPT, Deekline, Elite Force, 4KUBA, QuadratBeat, Rex the Dog... и другие

5 июня 2010 года.
Фестиваль электронной музыки в Севилье (Испания) на олимпийском стадионе.
The important thing to know is that the cradle of flamenco is certainly in western Andalucia, Spain. One argue is that the birthplace of Flamenco is in Seville.

This video is captured in the street near 'Catedral de Santa Maria de la Sede de Seville' (a very famous cathedral) in the city centre of Seville. Please enjoy the flamenco in the street corner.

Really amazing weather and wonderful dancer&guitarist!

This is a longer, revised version of my previous Bolero video. Since I'm currently allowed to upload longer videos, I can now present the full version of Ravel's most famous work. The footage at the beginning of the video is from a Spanish tv series called "Andalucia es de cine".

#Испания #ТипичнаяИспания
When Seville officials decided to replace the parking lot and bus station in the city center, they were surprised to discover Roman ruins beneath the surface. What to do? This structure, by J. Mayer H. Architects, was the winning scheme in an international competition. Marc Kushner, author of "The Future of Architecture in 100 Buildings," takes us on a virtual tour. - самое большое сообщество ВК и Рунета о путешествиях!

Подписывайся ;) — Подпишись и путешествуй с нами!
Крупнейший брейкс фестиваль в Испании. На танцполе под 4KUBA отжыгают около 10 тыс потомков Дон Кихота. :)
Visit Spain: cities to visit in Spain during your next trip. Travel itinerary: Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Sevilla, Madrid, Salamanca, Burgos, Bilbao, San Sebastián, Zaragoza. A tribute to one of the most fascinating countries in the world.
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Jay Cunning @ Winter Festival, Seville, Spain 2012

Столица Андалусии Севилья — своеобразный, многоцветный и красивый город с самой захватывающей корридой и самым страстным фламенко. Как никакой другой город, она отражает особенности национального испанского характера. А будучи центром Андалусии, Севилья является еще и местом бесконечно продолжающихся праздников.

Медленный и величавый Гвадалквивир делит город на две половины: Севилью и Триану. Эта река и ничто другое «сделала» Севилью. Город не случайно вырос в том самом месте, где Гвадалквивир перестает бы
Seville, Spain in Timelapse by WanderTooth. We spent about 2 weeks in Seville, Spain and loved just walking around and looking at the architecture. Its easy to just get lost wandering the streets and enjoying a beer and tapas on pretty well any corner you choose. From Plaza Espana to La Giralda to the quirky Metropol Parasol (which locals refer to as Las Setas (the mushrooms) even though that's not what they were supposed to resemble), Seville is a pretty city and a friendly city where the locals seem to
The wonderful city of Seville, its Alcazar and Seville Cathedral, Plaza Espana, Parque Maria Luisa, and so many other wonderful places.

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Video realizado por estudiantes residentes en la Residencia Universitaria Armendariz. #HappySevilla #HAPPYDAY

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La boda de José Manuel y Mari Carmen fue una boda especial.. ellos la hicieron especial porque son especiales.
Viven su amor a lo grande y te trasmiten el sentimiento de su felicidad.
Emociones, diversión, complicidad y amor... ¡¡mucho amor!!
La verdad que es un gusto trabajar con parejas así, parejas que hacen que te olvides del tiempo gracias a su prestación, total naturalidad, complicidad entre ambos, originalidad,