Serious business.: Серьезные дела / Serious business, SuperEd86 - SERIOUS BUSINESS, Серьезные дела - Serious business, SERIOUS BUSINESS, Серьезные дела/SERIOUS

Serious business.

Тренинг по искусству уличной коммуникации
Это не шутка!
и не смейте называть этого парня петушком - он поет про серьезные дела!
This is NOT a joke!
А с виду такой суровый))
I'm not joking.

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Затягивающие видео,смотрю каждый день

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Серьёзные дела _v_ [Serious Business]
by Victor Trusov
by Victor Trusov

by Bogdan Ponikarov

“Tbt Pre show serious business w @catielaffoon”
Vine by Cool 3D World
by Alexander Korostelin
This is NOT a joke!

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Cinematography by Tyler Carey
#Украина@semper5 #Экономика@semper5 #Финансы@semper5 #Кризис@semper5 #Коллапс@semper5 #Мафия@semper5 #Война@semper5 #Жмурки@semper5
by Vladimir Minakov

Секретные кадры времен основания ЛИСМ.
Sorry gaise for shit quality, the .avi was corrupted so I had to render as MP4, it was late so I decided not to render the .avi again as it would take too

Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Бак бак бака по-нашему...
ставим на 720!!!и насдаждаемся;)
петух ёбаный бывший +100500 перепел великого - superEd86

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2015 UPDATE: Read completed Phase 2 clinical trial reports and other peer-reviewed data on Antineoplastons:

The director of this documentary has just released his 3rd documentary: "Second Opinion: Laetrile At Sloan-Kettering":

Watch "Burzynski" without opening ads that cut off the opening of
He's back, and this time it's PERSONAL!
Oчень Серьёзные Дела

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Shot by Tyler Carey

Hey guys! This is my first real video in almost a year! Please like, comment and share it with your frien
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Cheap Time - Serious Business on BTR [ep127] from Serious Business on BTR. Like this? Watch the latest episode of Serious Business on BTR on Blip!

Cheap Time are a Nashville-based rock trio who pull together bits of pop and punk for razor tight tunes. Growing out of the solo project and demos of frontman Jeff Novak, the band invokes a perfectly nasty punk spirit to deliver their pure pop songs. They stopped by while on tour supporting punk giants Social Dist
Night Manager is a fuzzed-out grunge band from Brooklyn who play reverb-soaked songs packed with psychedelic, piercing riffs and the soaring, engrossing vocals of frontwoman Caitlin Seager. With a sound reminiscent of Bleach-era Nirvana, the five-piece outfit specializes in retro pop melodies blanketed beneath layers of haze and the way their sounds evoke nostalgia nostalgic can easily be compared to current acts like Tennis and Best Coast.

Featured song: "I Hated School"

The Ghost EP is the latest releas
\m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ :DDD


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Gennady Golovkin doesn't take any opponent lightly, he has been training and learning new things in his training camp, preparing to face his next challenge, Osumanu Adama. This bout is scheduled for February 1st. in Monte-Carlo, Monaco.

serious bussines - пародия на серьезные дела)) не судите строго)
The latest #hairspiration for 2015 comes from an unlikely place: this sleek guinea pig
ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО ПОДПИШИТЕСЬ НА | Teen titans go season 2 episode 18 - Teen titans go Serious Business Teen titans go season 2 episode 18 - Teen titans go Serious Business Teen titans go season 2 episode 18 - Teen titans go...
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This is хорошо

Blues Jam @ EverJazz, 05/08/2012, Yekaterinburg, Russia
Performed by Andrey Abaturov, Aleksander Makarov, Margarita Kiseleva (Blues Line) Blues Doctors

Александр Макаров (Blues Line) - гитара
Маргарита Киселева (Blues Line) - вокал
Андрей Абатуров - губная гармоника
Владимир Демьянов - гитара
Евгений Пьянков - клавишные
Владимир Апаницын - бас-гитара
Антон С
"Casper (1995)" by Speedy Ortiz - Serious Business on BTR [ep133.5] from Serious Business on BTR. Like this? Watch the latest episode of Serious Business on BTR on Blip!

Since the last time Speedy Ortiz dropped by our studio, the band has played countless shows all around the country and landed on the radar of the music scene at large. That same charming, lo-fi grunge sound that made them endearing early on still applies, but now the pairing of Sadie Dupuis'
This is my project I did for my Biology 2 class. we are studying the effects of drugs on the neurological system. This was filmed by me, written and information gathered by me and Hoodes edited, meshed it and acted in it. I'm so PROUD of this and a BIG BIG thanks to hoodes for being so great in this

Check him out, he's a talented man!
Marijuana Deathsquads - Serious Business on BTR [ep140] from Serious Business on BTR. Like this? Watch the latest episode of Serious Business on BTR on Blip!

Minneapolis noise band Marijuana Deathsquads is the ever-evolving, experimental project lead by Ryan Olson, (here he's the pixelated member, and producer/writer of POLICA and GAYNGS), Isaac Gale (whose videos for Bon Iver, Polica, P.O.S., and On An On you've probably seen), and Stefon Alexander (P.O.S),
Marshak's Secretary: The rabbi is busy.
Larry Gopnik: He didn't look busy!
Marshak's Secretary: He's thinking.
When 0.18.4 came out, I took the chance to start a separate, fresh save, free of stupid stuff. Turns out I'm incapable of playing like that.

Faster Does It - Kevin MacLeod

Outro music: Simon Viklund - Power Plant (Bionic Commando Rearmed OST)


Game: Kerbal Space Program (
Version in video: 0.18.4

Well that escalated quickly.
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Butter The Children - Serious Business on BTR [ep116] from Serious Business on BTR.
Butter The Children is an NYC-based quartet, newly signed to Downtown Records that features members of Le Rug, Sweet Bulbs, and Night Manager (who were previously featured on Serious Business on BTR). The band blasts out satisfying post-punk/indie rock tunes that would make the perfect soundtrack to just about
We welcomed Iration Steppas to Glasgow back in May for a proper ram jam dub session, alongside ourselves and Chungo-Bungo sound.

In Mark's own words "What a vibe!", and this film captures thats vibe perfectly along with some golden interview footage with Mark and Mackie Banton.

Shot Edited by Motion Pixel Productions.
Играемся в одну старенькую, но очень интересную и оригинальную игру под названием - Spore

Так же, если вам понравился let's play, то надеюсь, вы поставите лайк или даже подпишитесь на канал. Это очень мотивирует на продолжение серии :3

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Hey everyone!! :D

sorry for the 4 week gap! (fail)

this video literally took about 50 hours to edit X_x
but you're all worth it xD

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but yeah I hope you're all doing awesomely, i missed you ^-^
i'll see you all soon :D
(ill get working on the next video now xD)


Mannequin Pussy - Serious Business on BTR [ep176] from Serious Business on BTR. Like this? Watch the latest episode of Serious Business on BTR on Blip!

Mannequin Pussy is a dirty, nasty, excellent garage punk duo-turned-trio of childhood friends. Not only does this episode include fiery performances of the band's songs, but you've got the added bonus of Travis revealing the terrifying truth behind natural flavoring. You won't want to miss this one.

Featured song
Disclaimer: All changes made to the original AMV were made purely to ensure that the AMV conformed to Anime Boston contest rules. Any resulting lulz may or may not be highly critical of said rules.


I'm bummed this didn't make the finals. I was hoping to make a statement and troll the contest at the same time. Unfortunately, I failed, and there will be no Avatar in Anime Boston's AMV contest this year. Of course, now I'm twice as determined to come up with something even better for next
Only in Russia... You see road rage ending in gang of Disney characters beating the crap out of a guy
This would've been done sooner if it weren't for the fact of how busy and lazy I've been as of late.

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Отличная мелодика!!! Слушать и смотреть всем!!!
Video trailer for Teh Internet is Serious Business - a new play by Tim Price.

A fictional account of the true story of Anonymous, LulzSec and the birth of hacktivism.

Book tickets at:

10 часов человек курица выносит вам мозг оригинал
Виталий Матин <== СМОТРИМ ТУТ - самые тёплые и ламповые мульты. Welcome!
Юные титаны, вперёд / Teen Titans Go
сезон 2 серия 18
Serious Business
субтитры (
We take our fun very seriously.
Fun is Serious Business.

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"Serious Business" the new single from the jazz supergroup Jazz Funk Soul featuring Chuck Loeb, Jeff Lorber and Everette Harp. Pick it up at Amazon:
bbigpigg - Serious Business on BTR [ep149] from Serious Business on BTR. Like this? Watch the latest episode of Serious Business on BTR on Blip!

GIMME TINNITUS is a Brooklyn-based music/MP3 blog run by a dedicated music enthusiast by the name of Bob Reich. We love his constant curation of killer shows, sick playlists, and undying advocacy for spending your hard-earned cash to support the bands he loves. He tends to go for the loud, abrasive, unconventional,
"Serious Business" - When Robin rations bathroom time to five minutes per visit, the other Titans try to show him the magic of the bathroom.

Watch new episodes of Teen Titans Go! on Cartoon Network Thursday nights at 6 p.m. (5 p.m. CST).
Вы смотрите шоу "Bad Guys". Это шоу в котором совсем молодой пацан решает купить небольшую дозу наркотика для того чтобы расслабиться. Но когда он встречается с диллером у него не хватает денег на покупку...
Вот тут и начинается самое интересное...

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GTA 5 -- New Theme Song

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Radio Rahim interviews Gennady Golovkin about his tremendous year. Gennady Golovkin being named fighter of the year and having knockout of the year talks about fight vs Sergio Martinez or Miguel Cotto

Gopro testailua ja fiilistelyy läpällä eikä mitää kolmion keulimista.

Spatulas have business too. SERIOUS business.
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BB on FB Epi.AF Bar-Barians don't mess around, period.
Workcamp Hitzacker 2012, последний день....Пабло играет свой farm blues, я пишу honey letter, Элиза и Алекс делят печеньки, Эрик обещает сюрпиз.... Надя снимает))) "Yes, everyone want to cry..... and I want cookies!!!"))))
Alex, Justin and Ryan battle against RED team for Hill supremacy.

Battle Select Ruleset:

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