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Infected Rain - Serendipity (Official Video) 2016
#InfectedRain #Serendipity #Lenascissorhands #Nu_Metal #Alternative_Metal
FSG Cardinals
Фансаб-группа "Мания"
Фансаб-группа "Мания"

Альбом : [Digital Single] 상속자들 Part.4 (The Heirs OST Part.4)
Исполнитель : 2Young (투영); Esna (에스나)
Релиз : 2013.10.30
Жанр : OST
Трек лист :
01. 세렌디피티 (Serendipity)
02. 아랫입술 물고 (Bite My Lower Lip)
...I don't ask for a lot
Nothing more than I need
Cause I love what I got...[c]

Another FMV from me . Featuring some of KPop's famous boy-bands; ZE:A, Infinite & SHINee. Please watch, enjoy, comments and don't forget to rate & subscribe. ^^

I DO NOT own anything in this video. Neither the music nor the clips, as everything belongs to the rightful owner. Uploaded & made for entertainment purpose only.

ps : sorry bout the video's quality. apparently, youtube hates sony vegas x((

Отличная песня с титрами 2Young - Serendipity FMV (The Heirs OST)
Song : 2Young - Serendipity (Heirs OST Part.4)
Режиссер: Питер Челсом / Peter Chelsom
В ролях: Джон Кьюсак / John Cusack, Кейт Бекинсейл / Kate Beckinsale, Джереми Пивен / Jeremy Piven, Молли Шеннон / Molly Shannon, Майкл Джуарино мл. / Michael Guarino Jr., Юджин Леви / Eugene Levy, Кристал Бок / Crystal Bock, Стефен Брюс / Stephen Bruce, Дэвид Спэрроу / David Sparrow, Гари Гербрандт / Gary Gerbrandt и др.
РЕКОМЕНДУЮ – мода. – видеоупражнения. – видеоуроки причесок. – видеоуроки макияжа. – дети и пушистики. – книги и фильмы. – мода. – английский.
Интересное новогоднее кино, наполненное романтикой и волшебством.
"Rapid Serendipity" from Cannonball's 19th album "Break the Law", available everywhere February 12th, 2017 / Video by Mallory Feuer.

Insects circl...
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JR西日本『山陽新幹線全線開業40周年記念 関西ブランディングプロモーション「あしたセレンディピティ」 のキャンペーンソングとなる楽曲、倉木麻衣「Serendipity」。思わず旅に出たくなるような、爽やかで心地良いヴォーカルとメロディが魅力的な1曲。黄帝心仙人 & タイムマシーンチームと
Release Date: 2016.01.05
倉木麻衣 - Serendipity
5th Digital Single
was used in a CM to promoto West JR Sanyo
Bullet Train's 40th anniversary.
DISCLAIMER We do not own this video. All rights go to its rightful owner. No copyright infringement intended. Brought to you by T-Express Team @ 360kpop Visit for more subbed vids
SERENDIPITY - непереводимое слово, которое словно бы таит обещание чуда. Действительно, оно означает способность к открытиям, умение видеть красоту, недоступную большинству людей. Этими неожиданными открытиями и прозрениями запомнится каждому ночь фестиваля Serendipity 2015, когда лучшие артисты, собранные воедино энтузиастами из команды LeCo, раскроют свои музыкальные сокровищницы.
[watch in HD]
"You can only experience true happiness once you've reached your lowest point."

Heeeeeeeey guys! I've been wanting to do a happy multifandom because of what happened after my accident last year. I've been doing pretty well and I feel like this video reflects that. All the sad moments in this video pretty much reflect that everyone has up's and down's and how they can still move past them.

I really hope you guys like this! My collab partner & I worked really hard on this!

Krista, thank you
Exclusive solo live performance by James Dean Brown (Narcotic Syntax) under his former alias during the Serendip Festival, Gare XP, Paris on October 14th, 2012.

2x Roland TR-808 + fx

Rooted in the concept of a "neo-tribal" approach; reducing electronics to the emotional, hypnotic rhythm core, James Dean Brown founded Hypnobeat in 1983. Affected by the energy and the emotional impact of polyrhythms, their live sets turned out to become machine improvisations centered around the inimitable sound of the Rola
Heirs OST
2Young - "Serendipity" RUS SUB
Фансаб-группа Альянс
Перевод: Mickey313
Редакция: Sonce, Ksilnew
Оформление: Nikiola
Музыка Скандинавских Богов. (рекомендовано слушать громко:))
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Интуиция/Serendipity (2001)

В один суматошный зимний день, посреди нью-йоркской толпы, Джонатан встретил Сару. Два незнакомых человека в объятом предновогодней лихорадкой городе обнаруживают, что их неодолимо тянет друг к другу.И они решают проверить судьбу: он пишет свой телефон на банкноте, она - в книге. Купюру разменивают, а книгу сдают букинисту. Джонатан и Сара уверены, что скоро увидятся вновь. Но коварная судьба распорядилась по-своему.
на 24-й секунде рвется струна
Jazz Junction featuring Masha Pokrovskaya
Diary Skyeward
Интуиция / Serendipity (финальная сцена)
Amaranthe. The Nexus World Tour 2013.
Live at the "Moskva Hall", Moscow, Russia, 27.04.2013. - official website - record lable<br/><br/>
Raving George
italian booking:

Track: Autoerotique - EKG

result of an academic 1-week long collaborative exercise themed "vices and virtues". We went for a sort of animated collage of our drawings. I'm rusty on after effects, so this was good practice. (music you may recognize from Amelie Soundtrack)

Феерический концерт Amaranthe в Минске! Съёмка на про-камеру.
Оригинальное видео взято с канала
К звуковой дорожке подмешал оригинальный трек, чтобы инструменты были лучше слышны.
deborahserendipity - Mario Casas: "Siempre tenemos 2 minutos"
@mario_houses Con entrevistas de 1:50min no nos da tiempo ni a tomar una coca cola en #ElBar de @alexdelaiglesia 😂😂😂...Conexión loca donde informar, dar humor y mirar con el rabillo del ojo al agente de prensa 😩😨😰😂 Todo este cóctel servido con el gran #MarioCasas ...Good moment 😁😁graciasssss
#GladiatorInASuit #20festivalmalaga
I also have a transcription (with sheet music) of Tal's solo on BC from her first album here:

I'm just playing through this intro for you.

I start by playing it up to speed,
then slowly,
then just the chord shapes (in sequence, this the first step, i just wanted you to hear it first),
then at a medium tempo,
then up to speed.

Those who have seen movie Serendipity (Very beautiful movie indeed), "from rusholme with love serendipity mix" piece of great music...Its been long I have been searching for this piece ...Finally I found it....Takes back into time...

Serendip Music Clip (Story Ver.)

★Music Staff
Lyrics: Vell, Gregory Brown (from HORIZONTAL-LINE)
Music: S-kit (from GROUND-LINE)
Arrangement, All Instruments: S-kit (from GROUND-LINE)
Mixed by Sylo (from GROUND-LINE)
Produced by Morning of the Earth

★Movie Staff
制作:ヴィスタ/Pr: 石野仁子/Dr: 高橋洋平 /CD: ジャパンライフデザインシステムズ /AD: 小沼亜美/P: 金子聡司 /L: 渡辺良平/A: R-mond/CG: 中口岳樹 スタイリスト:馳尾潤子 /ヘアメイク: PON /振付: HIDALI /ED: 萩原有笑 /MA/SE: スズキマサヒロ
Интуиция / Serendipity (Удаленные Сцены) -- Jenny Doan shows us how to make the fast, easy and beautiful "Serendipity" Quilt using jelly rolls and charm pack sized pieces fabric. This project yields not ONE, but TWO quilts!

To get the materials needed to do this project, follow the links below:

Countdown to Christmas Precuts and Yardage now sold out, but check out the best selection of Jelly Rolls and other precuts on the web below:
UT3 fragmovie, part 2/3

Made by SNappy
Frags by GToU tdm team
Music: Scooter - My Eyes Are Dry



This movie consists of three parts: INSPIRATION, SERENDIPITY and IMAGINATION. In practice it's three different movies and you can watch them in any order. However I prefer order mentioned above. These movies are made in different styles with completely different music and they tend to create diff
Jazz Junction featuring Masha Pokrovskaya
Classically-trained quartet softens Evanescence's rock tune "Bring Me to Life." See the soothing sounds of Sons of Serendip capture Radio City Music Hall!
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with ♥ by osu!feed (
Baixista,australiana,bass jazz
Genere Commedia
Regia Peter Chelsom
Sceneggiatura Marc Klein
Produttore Simon Fields, Robert Levy
Fotografia John de Borman
Montaggio Christopher Greenbury
Musiche Alan Silvestri
Scenografia Caroline Hanania
Durata 90 minuti

John Cusack - Jonathan Trager
Kate Beckinsale - Sara Thomas
Jeremy Piven - Dean Kansky
Bridget Moynahan - Halley Buchanan
John Corbett - Lars Hammond
Sons of Serendip - Wicked Game - AGT 2014 (Quarter Finals)
Суперовий чіллаут, але Dj Next - хіт лєта 2о1о канєшно же в 1000 раз ліпше, тому що то ж Хіт лєта, супер мега офігенний трек, у кожного супер моднячого має бути на звонку і в перших трьох аудіозапісях в контакті!!!!
Far Away - Nickelback
«Всё возможно, пока не сделан выбор»
[club18536647|Типичный ИчиРук ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶ Ichigo and Rukia]
Новости, переводы, ежедневные арты и обновление, интересные рубрики, хейтеры хейтеров Орихиме и Ренджи. Бесконечная любовь к ИчиРуку.
Вступай и будь одним из Типичных ИчиРуковцев :з
Thugfucker - Disco Gnome (Tale Of Us Remix)
MANIK (NYC) - Parasol Feat. Jeremy Glenn
Art Department - Tell Me Why (Part I)
Dashdot - Make Me go Away feat. Zz
Duke Dumont - The Giver (Original Mix)
Art Department - Without You (Jamie Jones' On The Fly Remix)
Echomen - Upside Down (Original Mix)
Paranoid London - Paris Dub 1
Jamie Jones - Summertime (Jones And James Dub Mix)
Black Strobe - Italian Fireflies (Richy Ahmed Corey Baker Remix)
Jakkin Rabbit - Blame
Jamie Jones - Ruckus
Serendipity - destiny 2

Serendipity - Original Composition By Mbandi (Piano cello, violin)
Просмотрите ролик и оцените его по пятибалльной системе, где 5- наивысший бал, по каждому из предложенных критериев:
1) Сюжет - ваша оценка;
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3) Оригинальность - ваша оценка.
! Расскажите об этом друзьям)))
Great Music from Tal Wilkenfeld's Album Transformation (2007).
Curator Jasia Reichardt introduces the 'Cybernetic Serendipity' exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London.

From the show's press release: "Exhibits in the show are either produced with a cybernetic device (computer) or are cybernetic devices in themselves. They react to something in the environment, either human or machine, and in response produce either sound, light or movement"

More information about Cybernetic Serendipity:
"Serendipity" - the effect by which one accidentally stumbles upon something truly wonderful, especially while looking for something entirely unrelated A short video from my latest kite trip to Kalpitiya in Sri Lanka. I did not initially intend to film, but this place is just so amazing I had to take the few random riding scenes I had and make this little edit just so that I can show you all how Kalpitiya looks like. Everyday wind, riddiculously warm water, very friendly people, good food and beautiful,
Watch in HD. [720p]

Hey, it's Jazzi - again. Sharing one of my new-ish colorings that I gave a way in my latest giveaway on my main channel. Hope you like it! ♡
The coloring more or less works pretty nicely on most fandoms, but you might have to adjust it for scenes. + there's a extra 'Color Curves' for dark scenes. Also might need to adjust a bit if it's too red, but you'll see how it goes. If you have any questions or need help, feel free to come to me.

Energy Of Music | Главный Музыкальный Портал
Лучшие AMV клипы, аниме, предоставляет Паблик страница - The ❤World with Japan, 日本、Мир с Японией ! Обязательно подписывайтесь -

Artist: Kangding Ray
Album: Solens Arc
Label: Raster Noton
Catalog: RN154CD
Style: Electronic, Experimental, Techno
Released: 2014

If you like the song please buy the album and support the artist!

I do NOT own the copyright for the music and video that I upload and will remove it immediately upon request from copyright holder or band
I will release the DEBUT EP on March 8, 2017 ✨✨
And the title track "Serendipity" unveils digitally in 119 countries worldwide on my 12th birth...
Infected Rain on Facebook

If you liked the song, find it on every internet store.
Serendipity (Single 2016)

Serendipity is available at iTunes

Serendipity is available at Amazon

Physical CD on ebay and T-shirts
Нам решать, будем мы счастливы или нет... (фильм ''Интуиция / Serendipity'')
30 марта 2017 года.


ссылка для просмотра на YouTube:

Опенинг к аниме Кувыркашки (Opening Flip Flappers).

#FlipFlappers #Кувыркашки #Опенинг #Opening #Аниме #Anime
У тебя есть парень? (фильм ''Интуиция / Serendipity'')
Кейт Бекинсейл и Джон Кьюсак

группа "Кино, телевидение, театр: любимые моменты":
New Year movie competition
Режиссер: Питер Челсом / Peter Chelsom
В ролях: Джон Кьюсак / John Cusack, Кейт Бекинсейл / Kate Beckinsale, Джереми Пивен / Jeremy Piven, Молли Шеннон / Molly Shannon, Майкл Джуарино мл. / Michael Guarino Jr., Юджин Леви / Eugene Levy, Кристал Бок / Crystal Bock, Стефен Брюс / Stephen Bruce, Дэвид Спэрроу / David Sparrow, Гари Гербрандт / Gary Gerbrandt и др.
В один суматошный зимний день, посреди нью-йоркской толпы Джонатан встретил Сару. Два незнакомых человека в объятом предновогодней лихо
Performance for the Serendip festival by Sgure/Freeka Tet. Custom software using Ofxfacetracker, Faceshift, max/msp, and amazing syphon together. All the sounds are controlled by the face's gestures. thanks Kyle Mcdonald and Arturo Castro for their amazing ofx tools, Faceshift team for the software and the way they helped with my license, Jason Saragih for the core of the code (this is where where everything began) and More important Camille Troillard (Osculator father) for is huge help in serious codin
Группа Вконтакте Aimer:
пёся, укулеле и люди
here we go! Lila Madji + Anja Serendipity + Noumentalia + Harmonious Thelonious
"We are traveling the world looking for the best kiteboarding spots, but what we found in Kenya was better than any spot in the world. Besides flat water, good waves and wind everyday, Kenya offers amazing nature with incredible wildlife, as well as the most friendly people in the world. Unfortunately there is also a big part of the population that is less fortunate than us and we decided to give something back to this beautiful place. We got in contact with the Sunrise School that offers an education f
I think this one has a solid, minimum chill sound. I listened to it on repeat because I really enjoyed it a lot. I hope that you all will like this request as well~ c:



cr: Serendipity_BTS, Kimidilois & Cianary

* A reflection of Rap Monster's life *
It must've been tough for you all these years,
But from now on, we'll be with you always❤

Happy Nam Joon Day :)

Please do NOT remove credits, edit, or re-upload anywhere else.

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Watch it in 720 HD please)
Music: M83 - Midnight City
One Day (Один день)
Serendipity (Интуиция)

Два невероятных фильма о настоящей любви! Наконец-то я сделала романтическое видео! Просто весна в душе и эти фильмы действительно тронуло меня! Наслаждайтесь! :)