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SebastiAn - total

Чет хуевые запилы последнее время
Directed by Revenge Contact:
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Directed by Revenge
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Marsel Shakhmaev<br/><br/>
by Mitya Fedorov
Total fucking Dog!

SebastiAn - Kindercut (Total)

SebastiAn - Yes- (Total)

Sein Wunsch war Spaß zu haben und mal wieder mit einem guten Gefühl ins Bett zu gehen. Wie es nach dem 4:1 über Galatasaray um die Nachtruhe bei Sebastian Kehl bestellt ist, verrät er bei BVB total!. Mehr Videos zum Spiel gibt's auf
Offizieller Werbespot der TOTAL Kampagne „TOTAL und Sebastian Vettel auf der Jagd nach der Bestzeit" , Formel 1 Weltmeister Sebastian Vettel beim Tanken.

©TOTAL Deutschland GmbH 2013
Produktionsfirma: Grizzly Production
Regisseur: Thorsten Herken
Werbeagentur: HAVAS / BETC
Musik: plug and play music production
Видео предоставлено группой Jensen Ackles and SPN
This is a compilation of all the different video song bits I've made off of SebastiAn's album TOTAL.
The full album of Total by SebastiAn from Ed Banger Records.


00:00 - Hudson River
00:51 - Love in Motion ft. Mayer Hawthorne
03:57 - Tough Games
04:38 - Embody
08:23 - Ross Ross Ross
12:03 - Fried
16:07 - Kindercut
20:14 - Water Games
20:51 - Total
22:13 - Jackwire (Instrumental Version)
24:58 - C.T.F.O. ft. MIA
27:53 - Cartoon
28:27 - Arabest
31:43 - Prime
34:50 - Mean Games
35:43 - Tetra
38:38 - Motor
42:40 - Night
43:27 - Yes
SebastiAn - Total taken from Total, SebastiAn's debut album
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Sebastian Kehl im Interview nach seinem letzten Bundesligaspiel im SIGNAL IDUNA PARK. Mehr Videos gibt's exklusiv auf

Total TV-Spot mit Sebastian Vettel - Auftanken kann keiner besser
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Nach 13 Jahren in schwarzgelb sagen wir: Danke, Kehli! Alles zum Abschied auch im BVB-Shop unter // Intro: Kai +Thorsten Wingenfelder ( WINGENFELDER ), Musik : Fury In The
Slaughterhouse - "Won't Forget These Days", mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Kick it out Records / Arabella
/Universal / MCA Publishing
SebastiAn - Total
Genre: Electronic, Pop, Rock
Style: Electro
Year: 2011

SebastiAn elucidates the cover art in an interview:
"I rarely do things for a specific reason: for a start, the idea of a double kissing itself represents my vision of the artistic posture; it's a type of serious joke on the relationship that an artist has with his ego. Also, my first covers were a tracing of my face, so I wanted to follow that idea with a photograph while adding something new. When you play a game, you should play it all the way or not at all. So, for instance, even if you don't like your face you should embrace it, emphasise it, even! The choice of black and white is to break with the often very colourful graphics of techno. The cover signed by Mondino symbolises the total desire of the creator, the absolute ego of the artist who kisses and devours himself."
SebastiAn - Love in motion- (Total)