Seabreacher Demo: Carjam: Shark Submarine Tested Demo Seabreacher, Seabreacher X Demo (Green), Innespace Seabreacher demo for the 2013 America's Cup in San

Seabreacher Demo

The Seabreacher mini shark submarine - cool.
Diving the latest Seabreacher X

Performing a last minute Seabreacher demo for the America's Cup in San Francisco. What we lacked in planning, we made up for in charm and persistence. Special thanks to everybody at the St Francis Bay Yacht Club, who helped us get the Seabreacher on the water despite all the insanity surrounding the race. We were so happy to part of such an exciting race series and we were blown away by the performance of both Oracle and Team New Zealand. Obviously I, as a kiwi, was naturally flying the NZ flag. Here's h
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