Scorpion - Mortal Kombat Theme: Mortal Kombat Theme (Bayan Cover by Scorpion) , scorpion - mortal kombat (main theme) баян, Scorpion - Mortal Kombat Main

Scorpion - Mortal Kombat Theme

He's drugged and never closes eyes.
GET OVER HERE!! (and listen to this!)
Flawless Victory!
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Для аккордеона!!!
Мелодия из мортал комбат на гармошке.
Скорпион играет на баяне.
Взгляд очень выразителен.
Буйный баян :D
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на 36ой секунде его нормально так накрыло xDDDD
Скорп рубит на баяне...
Скорпион играет на баяне))
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"ОВП" - Отборные★Видео★Приколы
Спонсор нашего турника - Скорпион с баяном ~~~This is the Original Video, by NinjaMasterShinobi!~~~
Scorpion play on the bayan. Скорпион играет на баяне.
скорпион хуярит мортал комбат на баяне
Скорпион играет на баяне.
this video is more for the remix iNexus made of Skrillex's Reptile Theme.
iNexus' remix says "Get over here!" instead of "F-F-F Fight!"

Unfortunately this short video doesn't show the whole remix of the remix iNexus made.

whatever! enjoy!!!!
This is a video of Scorpion "from mortal kombat" and his theme song

here is 9ninjas and the'ir descriptions
Mortal Kombat Theme Song Original just wanted to see it with the original them song.MORTAL COMBAT X AMV remix Sub zero vs Scorpion

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Scorpion play on the bayan. Скорпион играет на баяне.
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Theme for the spectre Scorpion.

Hanzo Hasashi was a proud warrior within the Shirai Ryu clan of assassins in Japan. His fighting skills were so deadly and proficient that he was given the code name "Scorpion". After he, his clan and family were attacked and murdered in cold blood at the hands of the Lin Kuei led by the sorcerer Quan Chi, Scorpion became a vengeful spectre hell bent on making those responsible pay for their deeds. He enters combat wi
Scorpion Ninja (Me dressed up as Scorpion) playing Mortal Kombat Theme on Glass Harp in the bathroom, you also can see the Mortal Kombat Toilet I made there!
This is not a commercial for the MK-Toilet!
Скорпион играет (Я переодет в Скорпиона играю) мортал комбат на стаканах!
This is a fan-made cosplay music fun video, I neither own the anime / videogame nor the music, everything are owned by their respective owners.
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

Создано Picrolla
by Евгений Киселев
Скорпион, один из самых популярных персонажей компьютерных игр.Он является одним из главных персонажей вселенной Мортал Комбат. Скорпион появлялся во всех частях серии (за искл. 3-й части, хотя если учитывать и дополнения такие как МК Ultimate и MK Trilogy, то тогда абсолютно во всех частях серии МК)

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Soundtrack that I composed for Scorpion from Mortal Kombat X

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