Scooter FAIL: Wedding FAIL_ Bride falls off the back of a scooter, Scooter Jump Face Plant Fail, Неудачный полет на скутере (Scooter flight fail), Best Fail

Scooter FAIL

Dude fails to jump moped over dirt pile.

Best Fail Scooter | Падение с самоката
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kinda hurt, but its pretty funny aha :) enjoy *ignore the squeaky noise
At least he wore a helmet..

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While filming earlier this week, Capron Funk took an insanely hard slam. He was knocked out for a little bit after the hit, and took a trip to the hospital. He ended up not having any serious injuries or any broken bones, and is doing fine now!

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Scooter fail

My nephew Micheal Dean goes for the ramp to foam pit jump at the ranch on his Razor Scooter. Luckily his dad just built the board to cover the gap between the ramp and pit.
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i horribly failed at my first (and only) attempt at a backflip. enjoy!

A stupid stunt hits violent a mountain of sand! At least he was in a helmet, although the end would be worse.
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Свежий выпуск от Рея Вильяма Джонсона. В этом выпуске:
1. Об дерево!
2. Миленькая девочка - 2 Рей!
3. После поцелуя в морду!

Перевод от "RusRayWilliamJohnson"...
Переведено: 21 Июль 2011.
/ \
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►Большая подборка фейлов. FAILS and EPIC FAILS

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Bless her,she just gets up and says

My First Project

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эх, звука нет :( так бы писк услышали
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OMG just when you think it couldn't get any worse... surely this is so absurd as to have to be some kind of faked viral thing... surely... please? (If not, I hope the dude is ok)
Seems to be real though, from Lianzhang, Anhui province, China

Неудачный прыжок на скутере / Fail jump on the scooter

Девушка решила прокатиться на скутере.. Girl decided to take a ride on the scooter ..
SERIOUSLY lucky to walk away from this one!

The van I was sitting in was going 59 km/hr when this happened to give you a rough idea on how fast he was going!
I think you left something on the sidewalk.
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Fresh off the lot scooter fail.
Self Balancing Scooter Ride
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Неудачный трюк на скутере в скейтпарке. Ржач Scooter fails moped fun

Запчасти для скутеров, интернет магазин
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A scooter takes its driver for a little ride.

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hahahaah This is totally something I could see happening to me if I was messing around on a scooter moped! Nice wheelie though!

George of the Jungle on a scooter, RayWilliamJohnson's smallest viewer, and Captain Kirk teaches us the ways of love. Plus, if you could talk to any household appliance, which would it be?

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Lucky Scooter Parts team rider Bayley Maxcy fell hard the other day while we were filming at Redmond skatepark in Washington. Luckily he wasn't hurt too bad, and will be good to ride again any day!
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This guy should have been paying more attention at where he was going instead of a Ferrari 458 Spider driving past. But who can blame him.
эпиг фэйл xD
by Володя Дьорка

Chinese scooter falls into a holeIn China, a man on a scooter struck several vehicles at a road intersection. Whenever it happens, he gets back on his scooter and then end up in a huge hole with his scooter. Ouch!Китай. Мужчина на скутере врезался в несколько автомобилей на перекрестке. Всякий раз, садясь на свой скутер и врезаясь в новую машину! В итоге он рухнул в огромную дыру. Карма детектед!

В очередной раз группа скутер рассмешила многих хардстайлеров не по детски своими взаимствованиями с лэйблов...и с любимого saifam)
Вот оригинал...
DJ Phil TY - A kay A (Ehm Remix)
look how his friend dont stop to laugh!! lol Bogota, D.C. Colombia.группа: сайт: Предупрежден значит вооружен: Дтп, аварии,аварии видео,авария на трассе,аварии на дорогах!
After the 2nd run my mom tied to take my scooter but she kind of did not know where is gas
Huge slam from scooter rider Justin Garcia out at Lake Cunningham Skatepark (LCRSP) yesterday! Justin went for this crazy double backflip while the Lucky Scooter Team and I were at the park for a ride day. Share with your friends if you enjoyed, and be sure to subscribe for more content!
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She just pushed too hard on the throttle.
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Going Down? Impatient Handicap Motorized Scooter Crashes Through Elevator
Crazy Guy In Wheelchair Goes Kamikaze Into Elevator Shaft
Motorized Scooter Crashes Through Elevator
фраза в конце жизнено-эмоциональная))
я плакав)
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Een scooter kan soms idd gevaarlijk zijn.
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10: Scooter Kid Falls Down Stairs -

9: D-Bag on Scooter Wheelie Fail -

8: Back flip gone wrong.mp4 -

7: Scooter fro
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Неудачный прыжок на скутере Honda DIO AF18. Scooter fun, moped fails scooter jump

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Best Scooter Fails Compilation 2014 || Uniformedia
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hahaha FAIL !

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► Заходи и смотри. Большая подборка фейлов. Только фейлы и ничего лишнего. FAILS and EPIC FAILS
roller verblasn xD

An short animated film about bike riding showing crazy and dangerous motorbike and scooter riders crashing. Twist - Thats Why I Should Think!! For more info go to:

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russian band "fail emotions" with their scooter cover.. great !!
We are always exited when Jeremy tells us he is sending some footy our way all the way from the land down under, and these clips do not disappoint! Who thinks he should go back and land that last one?

Film Cred: Dylan Arldt
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Top Scooter Fails Compilation - Fails Compilation 2014
Top Scooter Fails Compilation - Fails Compilation 2014
Top Scooter Fails Compilation - Fails Compilation 2014
Top Scooter Fails Compilation - Fails Compilation 2014 | Funny Videos July 2014 VIDEO

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I filmed and edited Colbys Welcome to Fasen Scooters,
So heres his fails and bails
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Hey Guys,
This are some fails we got in the past Months. Some of the fails did really hurt :D
I am really sorry that I havent uploaded a video for a long time but I hope you enjoy this small fail compilation.
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Song : Duck sauce anyway

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Drunk girl want to show her driving skills... Watch results!

Fails 2015, Epic Russia, Drunk girl, Russian girl

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Fail Emotions is a Russian Trancecore band.

I'll hitch a ride with Luigi instead I think

Funny scooter fail to Super Mario Brothers music, funny video, Nintendo.

Epic scooter fails :D Old but good

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Tags: funny fails pranks compilation 2013 2012 best of january 2013 february animal fails girl fails failarmy HQFails losers comedy multimedia fat kid dummköpfe failure so dumm trottel isst owned russian style accident hardcore epic
guys if you want to make extra money on the Internet this its a good one

Trying to drive trough that damn bush, it seems that im got stuck.
PS I was not drunk , just some funny moments after training
Scooter and motorcycle accidents compilation. Will upload weekly. Please subscribe. Thank you.

No one in these videos died.

Just go for it.

Let's do it again.

Chain reaction.

Passing at double solid yellow lines, ran a red and BANG!.

This one i
Stunt Fail | Gilera Stalker Malossi MHR 72cc
Fail Compilation featuring Moto & Scooters, some of the best clips over the net! Dangerously Funny!
Sometimes filming can be dangerous too! Lucky Inside Sales rep Cole Gregg going down hard filming Brent Ikedah for a upcoming Strata Promo video that will be launching soon! Give these two a follow! Insta | @brentikedah Insta | @grggcole
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These are just the fails we got the past months :D
Some fails did really hurt :D
There are no fake fails !
check out the last fail in the vid :)
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Filmed by a lot of people.
Edited by Mätti Angst.
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Hope you enjoy!

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She bangs

Showing off failed big time.

Clip 4

Clip 5

Synchronized falling.
Подборка лучших моментов 2014 года
Каждую неделю выходит новый выпуск свежих приколов на нашем канале

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We got bored and that's the result :D Chilli Pro Team Rider throwing some bangers, more than less, at wicked woods wuppertal!!!

Songs: -Dough Boy - Birds flying high
-Baby - Justin Bieber
Film, Edit and Laugh: Sven Kubitz

I hope it is clear that these songs, especially the second one, are just for entertaining and not for commercial requests!
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Music by spencer mulhearn

This is what you get for being a faggot and ryding a scooter

This is my Scooter Carousel Fail Compilation :D Enjoy!
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Before Somebody asks: Schoolboy Q ft. Kendrick Lamar - Collard Greens (music)
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I present to you the greatest scootering fails compilation video OF ALL TIME! It's hard to stay humble as these are the most insane fails & bails I've collected from throughout the course of my filming career. Some clips date all the way back to 2012! I hope this video brings you some laughs, and you can rest easy, as no fails did any permanent damage.

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I am proud to present the 4th installment into my Fails & Bails series! I uploaded the 3rd fails video exactly one year ago, so I figured this video would be a great way to finish off 2015. As long as scooter riders keep falling, and you guys keep watching, expect another epic bails video in 2016!

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A man in China crashes his scooter multiple times before driving and falling into a hole. Luckily he wasn't seriously injured.
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