Scar Symmetry - The Illusionist: Scar symmetry - The illusionist (A-One rip), Scar Symmetry - The Illusionist , Scar Symmetry - The Illusionist Cover, Scar

Scar Symmetry - The Illusionist

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Чувак в белой пижаме рулит! =)
Tabbed by ear, I'm happy to send tabs to subscribers, just send me a private message with an email address I can send it to.

Всё самое лучшее видео у меня странице!!!

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Scar Symmetry — шведская мелодик дэт-металлическая группа из Авесты, лен Даларна, появившаяся в 2004 году. В настоящее время сотрудничают с лейблом Nuclear Blast Records
Класний кліп одного з імхо найкращих МДМ-гуртів у світі.
отличная melodic-death композиция
Лёгкий Death Metal!!!
death metal с невротеповым гроулингом
я тащусь от работы вокалиста
виселенький модерн метал
Что тут скажешь, моя любимая группа...
Music video, subbed by me.
The audiovisual content used does NOT belong to me, all I did was adding the lyrics...

- fan-made
- absolutely no commercial intention

btw, yeah, I know "knows" is somehow gramatically wrong, but the lyrics are the official ones - taken from the CD booklet. xD

If you like this, then rate and comment and stuff.
I'll be doing some other songs if there's some feedback^^

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Music video by Scar Symmetry performing The Illusionist. (C) 2008 Nuclear Blast GmbH

Лучший гроул, который я когда-либо слышал, да и чистый тоже щикарен.
Авеста, Швеция
мелодичный дэт-метал
прогрессивный метал
Nuclear Blast
Metal Blade
Роберт Карлсон
Ларс Палмквист
Йонас Кьеллгрен
Пер Нильсон
Кеннет Сейл
Хенрик Ольссон
петь реально умеет
Эталонный Melodic Death Metal с чистым вокалом Christian'a Alvestam'a)
LiamENGL | May 10, 2009

My attempt at playing this awesome Scar Symmetry song!

As always tabbed by ear, and I'm happy to send tabs out to subscribers, just send me a message with an email address I can send them to.
Yeah, this is not a keyboard cover... it's a vocal cover, with both growls and clean vocals. I know I'm not good at clean vocals, but I do what I can. Please rate and comment, constructive criticism will always be welcome. Sorry for the sound quality.

by Eol Hedryon - спасибо поисковику яндекса и фотографиям из рунета;)
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scar symmetry - The illusionist
Scar Symmetry (27.02.14 @Moscow Rock house) - The Illusionist 3
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Scar Symmetry (27.02.14 @Moscow Rock house) - The Illusionist 2
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Scar Symmetry (27.02.14 @Moscow Rock house) - The Illusionist 1
[club57493849|♫ Official video clips ♬ ♪]
Back when I first did this song in 2011, it became my proudest moment. And now to do it again, and over a real instrumental, was just a blast for me. I'm so proud of this track, and I hope you all help me make this a huge debut by sharing this video everywhere! Big thanks to Cameron Hodgins for the killer instrumental. He didn't have the means to be in the video, and he doesn't really have anything for me to link to, otherwise I would have, but you can tell him right here what you thought of his track!

My best one to date, in my opinion. What's YOUR opinion?