Sc@r: Sc@r, Alias - Exstacy (Original Mix) [Scarred Digital], Insight - You Thrill Me (Sc@r Remix) [Scarred Digital], Sc@r, Starkiss - Vicious Creatures


To buy a full length 320kbps MP3 or WAV click the link above:

To buy a full length 320kbps MP3 or WAV click the link above:

To buy a full length 320kbps MP3 or WAV click the link above:
R. Kelly performing Ignition Remix in Columbia, SC, 10/14/2012 at the Township Auditorium.



Автор - ralifen
Музыкальная композиция: Missing - Evanescence
Автор - ralifen
Музыкальная композиция: Missing - Evanescence - официальное сообщество поклонников гонщика Дмитрия Срибного (#Gymkhana77)

via YouTube Capture
R. Kelly performing TP-2 in Columbia, SC, 10/14/2012 at the Township Auditorium.

SC-Project Conic Titanium exhaust for KTM 1290 Super Duke R
Song: Into the Night
Artist: Tom Revolution Sc@r
Label: Xplosive Hardcore

Personage: Mono Pro (Veteran mode)
не пинайте сильно. третий трек после месяца вне игры, и первое видео :)
Найди с кем покататься и познакомиться здесь: #motowalkaround@motoautopara
Hey guys today I'll be testing out my first gas airsoft gun!

Masada Upper:
Masada Lower:
AMP Red Dot:
Flash Hider:

LevelCap's Computer Hardware:
Nissan GT R, E55 AMG SC, M5 E60, Corvette Z06
Наемники-терминаторы и глюк со звуком.
С большого расстояния невозможно уничтожить наемников (да и кого либо ещё) в "экзе". Зато ГГ "гасят" с такого расстояния на раз.
Wow, I love this quote. It's so real ! It tells so much pain and realty, soo I decision my video about SC to be with this quote: )

{ sorry my english is very bad :P }

For xfoxyamanda11's contest

Tv Show: Charmed
Song: Missing
Artist: evanescence
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 9
Time: 15 Days [ I make the video last week, but YouTube have problem and did not upload it ]

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of
the Noise is incredible. Then found an MV Agusta dealership van to show off to.
R. Kelly performing I Wish in Columbia, SC, 10/14/2012 at the Township Auditorium.

Otomatik Alüminyum Hebeşibe Kapı
Profile / Profil: Deceuninck Aluminium
Hardware / Aksesuar: Siegenia
Application / Uygulama : Beden Aluminium
R. Kelly performing Your Body's Calling in Columbia, SC, 10/14/2012 at the Township Auditorium.

Шоу Форсаж, тренировочный заезд

R. Kelly performing Green Light in Columbia, SC, 10/14/2012 at the Township Auditorium.

R. Kelly performing I Believe I Can Fly in Columbia, SC, 10/14/2012 at the Township Auditorium. brings exclusive footage from R. Kelly Love Letter Tour in Columbia, SC<br/><br/>
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Classic Crass Records label artist DIRT live in the Jam Room Studio 1994, Columbia SC. Recording for what was going to be a 4-way-split 2xLP. I believe the other bands intended for that compilation were DropDead, Los Crudos, and Final Warning. Shot by me with a Canon L1 with onboard mic.

Mireille : Fabienne CONRAD - Soprano
Vincent : Bruno ROBBA - Ténor
Taven : Marianne CHANDELIER - Mezzo Alto
Maître Ramon : Marc SOUCHET - Baryton
Ourrias : Régis MENGUS - Baryton
Vincenette : Elena GLAZYRINA - Soprano
Ambroise : Guillaume DUSSAU - Basse
Clémence, Une voix céleste : Angeline LE RAY - Soprano
Andrelaoun : un enfant

Choeur Josquin des Prés : Direction Dominique DUMONT, Claudine DEFRESNE

Choeur de l'Opéra des Landes : Direction Daniel GRATALON

Campeonato Brasileiro
16/05/2009 - Estadio Maracanã (RJ)
Time: Bruno, Willians, Airton, Ronaldo Angelim, Leonardo Moura, Toró, Kleberson, Ibson (Erick Flores), Juan, Everton (Maxi), Josiel (Alex Cruz). Técnico: Cuca.
1. ]Sc[=Vi]R[tuSs=]Sc[
2. X1mikat
Skype - sasha.tyuckov
wB Team
erc team<br/><br/>
Un extraterrestre dans le ciel de Montluçon Gueret !
Ever wondered what an illegal UK Hardcore rave is like? Well here's a sneak peak at how it's done - Sydney style! 'Revamped Underground to be exact'! What a setting! What an atmosphere!

As if that wasn't enough, our rep for the Sydney scene Krystal caught up with Executive Records head honcho Haze for a quick chat about what he's been up to recently. More you say?! Well she also cornered Sc@r & MC Riddle to fill us in on their plans for flying out to quite possibly the biggest event in the UK Hardcore cal
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Street Customs-.В нашей группе Вы найдете полный спектр тюнинга автомобилей со всего мира .
FunnyCast - Stage 10 @ TANDEM PROJECT
BMW R Nine T 1200 ultimate exhaust sound, akrapovic, remus, werkes, sc project, mivv, zard, spark, mass, auspuff, yoshimura and standard exhaust

Dima Sc@r - City-House 2012
прямой эфир из Лондона
Masif Kolbassive – air 26-09-2012 (Sc@r)
Команда Temper Tribe представляет


Ровно год назад мы представили российской публике новую концепцию, уже как несколько лет популярную на европейских рейвах и вечеринках. Прошлым летом в Москве прошла первая полноценная FREESTYLE вечеринка! На ней звучал мощный замес из прыгучих jumpstyle и tekstyle, попсового и вокального hardstyle, хитов рейва и золотой эпохи happy hardcore, более жесткого mainstream hardcore – и всё это было приправлено вставками из хип-хопа и трапа!
Clip from forthcoming PPF 2014 album mixed by Sc@r. This will be a free Hardcore album compiled by Ken Masters, Greg Peaks and Sc@r. Avail soon at
30 минут на создание аудиотрека , 2 минуты на видео ...
такие пироги хД ...
Еще больше мультиков ------ - официальное сообщество поклонников гонщика Дмитрия Срибного (#Gymkhana77)
Rv Motors
Запчасти и расходники для мотоциклов! ПО ВСЕМ ВОПРОСАМ 📞 тел: +38(066)466-46-16, +38(063)650-95-95 , +38(096)465-53-57

we came, we ran & we raved it up!
15,000 color runners took over Wembley on the 14/7/2013. The for 4 hours after partied it up with Dj Sc@r. This is what happens when Scarred Digital takes over with hardcore!
supported by The Color Run, City Showcase & Dulux we hope you all had a brilliant day

Tidal Wave - remix by Reflux & Defective
forcomthing to Scarred Digitial 7th July 2013
avail at Itunes, Amazon, TrackitDown, Beatport, Imo download, spotify and all good mp3 websites!
DFB Pokal VfL Wolfsburg 1-0 SC Freiburg, Rodriguez R, Nepostojeci Penal !!
While out & about in the Magaluf streets, our good friend Sc@r caught up with another good friend, popular German UK Hardcore DJ & Producer, Gregor le DahL!

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Please also check out Gregors fantastic music productions, radio show & youtube channel as well as Sc@r & the HTIDITMS event, by visiting & following the various social pages below.

Gregor Le DahL fb -
straight from the Kniteforce 20th birthday box set out now!

The release date is set for 1st of November.
Music and Data Items:-

KFACD25 -- The official Mix CD, Mixed by the incredibly talented Jimni Cricket!
KFACD26 -- Unmixed Remixes CD1
KFACD27 -- Unmixed Remixes CD2
KFACD28 -- Luna-C's Mirror Mix

KFADVD05 -- Data Disk
All the original versions of the tracks, plus Luna-
R. Kelly performing Hotel/That's That/Fuck You Tonight/You Remind Me Of Something Medley in Columbia, SC, 10/14/2012 at the Township Auditorium.

Kay R-8 rhythmer and Pearl SC-40 drumsynth soundcheck

by noheadchicken live @ Petit Rigolo Records

2014 12 31


KAY R-8 w korg ax 300 g

Pearl sc 40 w ibanez cpl
Moscow, 26.04.2014
Вот еслиб такая графа было в ЗП или ЧН...ну может примерно это будет в новой части если новая часть будет)))))
R. Kelly performing Snake, Fiesta Remix, I'm A Flirt Medley in Columbia, SC, 10/14/2012 at the Township Auditorium.

DJ OSCAR facebook -
Twitter Dj Oscar-!/DjOscarSv

1- Latinos En Paris 6- Rain Over Me 11- Hotel Room
2- Crazy People 7- Bon Bon 12- BaBy
3- Shake Señora 8- Oye Loca
4- Give Everything 9- Blanco
5- I know You Want Me 10- Tu Cuerpo

3 Sound checks in one video! SC Project vs. Powerparts (Sebring) vs. Akrapovic, all with DB eater. Check the single sound checks too: SC Project (, Powerparts ( and Akrapovic (

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Bike: KTM 690 SMC-R 2012
Changes: Open
R. Kelly performing Number One Sex in Columbia, SC, 10/14/2012 at the Township Auditorium.

R. Kelly performing Wind For Me Holds a Slow Wind Contest in Columbia, SC, 10/14/2012 at the Township Auditorium.

R. Kelly performing When A Woman Loves in Columbia, SC, 10/14/2012 at the Township Auditorium.

13 сентября 2013 Льюис Кэррол и FunnyCast приглашают тебя на продолжение нашумевшей костюмированной Happy Hardcore пьесы

В эту ночь клуб Manhattan превратится в Зазеркалье , а играть Happy_Hardcore будут герои любимой сказки. В РОЛИ АЛИСЫ - DJ Sc@r [UK]

Подробности здесь -<br/><br/>