Sax Brothers: The Sax Brothers - Last Christmas (DJ WAJS and J&G '2014 Bootleg), sax quartet <super mario brothers them.>「スーパーマリオブラザーズメドレー」, Joe Lovano

Sax Brothers

arr 谷良介

sop 稲村芙梨衣
alt 谷良介
ten 小川結香
bar 堀江有希子

опыт приходит с годами
Joe Lovano - t.sax
Johannes Enders - t.sax
Greg Osby - a.sax
Gary Smulyan - bari.sax
Bill Mays - piano
Martin Wind - bass
Matt Wilson - drums
Обожаю этот трек!!!
The worst video you will ever see, but it might be funny.
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The Brothers funk tegeare mei sjongerses Sensara, J Sax wienen live yn Noardewyn te bewonderjen
Joe Lovano & The Sax Brothers - jazz baltica 2008

00:00 - Alexander The Great
13:55 - Jahbero
23:10 - Please Stop Me Now
30:45 - interview
41:35 - Judy
46:26 - Please Stand By
55:37 - Broadway Blues
01:07:23 - end credits

Matt Wilson - schlagzeug
Martin Wind - bass
Bill Mays - piano
Gary Smulyan - saxofon
Johannes Enders - saxofon
Greg Osby - saxofon
Joe Lovano - saxofon

Große Konzertscheu
Track: Funky Boogie Brothers - Sax On The Rocks [MusicStream]
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Dj Smash - Я волна (electro house style sax mix)
Here is a version of Hey Brother with saxophone. Made this just for fun! I really love this song! One of the best of Avicii I think! Hope you guys like it!

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Jennifer Lopez PitBull-On The Flor (MR Brothers Version Sax Mix)

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Братья Константиновы (тенор и альт саксофоны) DJ Sax Disco Sax & Girls Dance

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