Saria (from The Legend of Zelda): Deku Palace from the Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask on STL Ocarina and Saria Song on Violin

Saria (from The Legend of Zelda)

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Heather Scott -- Princess Zelda, Ocarina
Laura Sexauer -- Saria, Violin
Sarah Crowder -- Director and Videographer
Amy Koehler -- Make Up Artist
Andrew Vu -- Assistant

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From the same artist that made 25 Years of Zelda:
Illustration made by: (pixiv profile, translated to english)
Full size image:
Program used: Corel Painter

Original description (translated):
I drew Sarria ■.
Well, above all, although I like Ange's Ichiban!

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New ■ "Zelda Anniversary 25 "⇒ nm13672665

■ BGM of "Saria's Wish" is borrowed from artist to ChaosDragon004.
Humored us with a wonderful person agreed to short notice.