Santa Monica Place performance: Who Says Selena Gomez Live Performance Monte Carlo Mall Tour Santa Monica Place, Selena Gomez performs "Who Says" at Santa

Santa Monica Place performance

HEY GUYS! sorry you can't hear her in the beginning, it was VERY loud and i was standing in the back... so yeah.
enjoyy either way. :]

isn't she so pretty?! :O

Kick off performance for the Monte Carlo promo run at Santa Monica Place.

"When The Sun Goes Down" in stores on June 28th!!!

"Monte Carlo" in theaters July 1st!!!!<br/><br/>
This was such an exciting event!
Sorry the recording is so jumpy... it was SO hard to contain myself from going buck wild and dancing until I died! And sorry about the jump cuts. I was video taping on my ipad and my 8 year old was video taping on his kindle (fire). He ended up videotaping the entire thing.. whereas, I was starting and stopping mine because I didn't want to run out of room!
Isaac (my 8 year old) said, "this was the best day of my life!"
We are HUGE fans, so when I saw they would be doing a p