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Safety Procedures

Richard Fenwick / UK / 2004
Richard Fenwick / UK / 2004
Boiler expert Tim McDaniel guides you through the basics of boiler operation safety. You will learn basic boiler systems and classifications, operator responsibilities and preventative maintenance, plus efficiency, emissions, and proper water treatment.

Over 140 hatch cover cranes, for handling hatch covers and tween decks, are every day in use on board of the Wagenborg fleet. Working with these hatch cover cranes needs a lot of attention of crew and officers.
To avoid accidents with the hatch cover crane strict safety procedures must be followed. Instructions for safe working with hatch cover cranes are now available at DVD. In cooperation with ZienBC Wagenborg developed a safety procedure instruction DVD for the use of hatch cover cranes. This DVD will be distributed soon to the vessels agencies and training and education centres.

In-depth fire safety procedures for fire dancing and spinning, including information on equipment, dipping, safety spotters, and which fabrics are ...
Видео прикольное, но с переводом у них чё-то не то...
Safety procedure & briefing during MAS flight (MH 1449) from Langkawi to Kuala Lumpur (KLIA) on 19.12.2008 time 1330,
i enjoyed this flight really...
Richard Fenwick / UK / 2004
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"Packing and wearing parachute equipment; proper parachute techniques - landing on land and water, jumping with a static line, and executing free fall jumps." Narrated by Kyle Rote.

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