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Choreographed by Tyce Diorio, Melissa and Ade take on a powerful routine and a performance of a lifetime. Trust me you don't wanna miss this! :)

So you think you can dance Season 5
Maxwell - This Woman's Work

Another of our finalist is Jeanine, she has such dancing talent its unbelievable, follow her journey on the show and watch her perform a heightening solo!

So you think you can dance Season 5

The Tango Project "Por una Cabeza"
SYTYCD5: So You Think You Can Dance USA, Season 5, Week 7, Top8, Dance 8
Судьи: Nigel Lythgoe, Ellen DeGeneres, Mary Murphy, Mia Michaels
Выход: 22 июля, 2009
Танец: Хип-хоп | Hip-Hop
Хореограф: Шейн Спаркс | Shane Sparks
Музыка: “They’re Everywhere” — Izza Kizza, produced by Timbaland, mp3 (sdk 2008, Mario Amigo Periz)

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Choreographed by Dave Scott, Brandon and Janette take on a Hip hop meet Rock routine! No words to describe this performance other than see for yourself!!!

So you think you can dance Season 5
Common - What A World
Хореография: Napoleon & Tabitha aka Nappytabs


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Choreographed by Shane Sparks, Kayla and Jason take on a hip hop routine. The idea is Jason is a Zombie and he turns Kayla into his Zombie Mistress. Creepy I know, but its one interesting and scary piece!

So you think you can dance Season 5
Izza Kizza - They're Everywhere

SYTYCD - Boys Boys Boys, Season 5, 2009

Choreographer: Wade Robson to Lady Gaga's song Boys Boys Boys

Dancers - Group Routine - Top 4
Jeanine Mason
Evan Kasprzak
Kayla Radomski
Brandon Bryant

Choreographed by Louis Van Amstel Asuka and Vitolio take on a different kind of Waltz. One based on the journey Vitolio has taken to come to this point in his life. After being in the bottom three last week how will this couple rise to the occasion?

So you think you can dance Season 5
Dreams Are More Precious - Enya

Jeanine and Brandon are one power couple, both such strong dancers! Mix that with a Paso Doble and you get one incredible routine!

So you think you can dance Season 5

(Requested!)Choreographed by Wade Robson, Ashley and Kupono, who have been paired up first week, take on a routine that is very unique and awesome at the same time! They are literally crash test dummies and with Wade Robson as their guide lets see how well they pull this number off for their first performance show.

So you think you can dance Season 5
Goldfrapp - Felt Mountain

Thử Thách Cùng Bước Nhảy - So You Think You Can Dance là sân chơi dành cho các bạn trẻ đam mê nhảy múa, thể hiện tài năng và bước ra ánh sáng. Qua 3 mùa giải tại Việt Nam, Thử Thách Cùng Bước Nhảy tiếp tục hành trình tìm kiếm "Vũ công được yêu thích nhất" ở mùa giải thứ 4 - 2015.

TTCBN - SYTYCD tuyển chọn các vũ công nam - nữ, chuyên và không chuyên, từ 16 – 30 tuổi, có tính cách độc đáo và có khả năng thích ứng nhiều thể loại nhảy múa (múa đương đại, dancesport, jazz, hiphop ...) tham gia luyện tập c