SPN • Malus Malum: SPN • Malus Malum смотреть онлайн

SPN • Malus Malum

★ WARNING: A lot of effects into this video! If you don't like, don't watch :p ★

No storyline, just creepy moments from SPN that we all love *___* I'm totally in love with this kind of weird song lol.

This one gave me a hard time cause there was a lot of scenes *exausted* But I kinda like the result. I'm not a big fan of "tonz effects style" but for this one, with this music, I had the feeling it was not too much. Hope I'm not wrong :x

For those who missed my message on my preview and asked me if I had FB, Twittter account ect, I'm not using those (except for close friends and family) but you can check out my tumblr: http://oomagoo.tumblr.com/

This message goes also for those who asked me where they could watch my video about God Castiel. You will not find it on youtube anymore but I uploaded it there :)

Aah... now I'm gonna work on a new BG for my channel :) See ya!

Love ya all ❤ Thanks for your suppor